I have a problem and i need some help.. They are going to release a fix soon. Again, thanks to everyone involved in this project. An updated patch was released on 26th June to correct some bugs on physical PSP units. I am eager to play this game on PSP. Let us know what you think about the English translation patch in the comments below, once you have had some hands-on time with it. Choosing sub or dub is your choice whatever you like then patch it and wait for patching to complete ,once its done ,transfer it to your psp and start playing.

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I suggest anybody running PPSSPP dgiimon the first time izo some guides on it to make sure that you have things set correctly for your system, remember that sometimes the crashes you may be receiving may be hard to reproduce and fix because if your unique system set up.

BiasArif either way you end up with both the UMD and the Translation… the Trans patch is so easy to use even the dead could manage if brought Back to life by a Necromancer to use it just fine.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Full ENG Patched PSP ISO

I have tried the UMD No. Just a little way to give back to the team and the community who fully followed this project from day one. Follow Us facebook twitter youtube. Of all the days for my analog stick to finish its slow decent into non-functioning… Congratulations and happy birthday! At first i tried the sub version, but after naming my character the game freezes while agumon jumps.


Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Im trying to create a save game but it stillno save data found alteast kb of free space are required to create save data, each time it tries to check save data what should i do help please. Digimon World is one of my favorite video games ever.

Digimon World Re:Digitize PSP (English Patched) ISO

Only thosee 2 hashes are supported, right? Titamon is totally badass though.

I could say this a million times!! Im not gonna be able to work properly now! The sub crashes for me every time after you insert the name of your main character, but the dub works flawlessly so far: From the bottom of my heart and from the little kid inside me that will be able to relieve his chilhood i thank you and your pagch now and forever for all your work.

Romstar i wish you happy birthday… So regarding the sub n dub patch for re digitized. Cheering you on all the way. You guys are amazing!! Apart from a few grammatical errors, this translation project has been a huge success.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Full ENG Patched PSP GAME ISO | Downzoneku

The patch does not contain the game itself. This leads to a little confusion for me since I got an diggimon from T. This is really huge and I salute to you for what you have done for the players. He uses Windows XP.


And thank you for all your hard work to translate this amazing game. I would like to thank the translation team. In the mean time, if you patch the game again and pick the American flag instead, you can get fairly far. I can only challenge 2 person at the free battle. Hello guys, i kinda crash a lot in the game, like right after in entered my name at the beginning of the game, in jijimons house when i wanted to rest, or when i clicked the pc, i was wondering, did i like did something wrong?

I would also like to thank rai for taking care of the comments.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Save Game Files for PSP – GameFAQs

Thanks for your hard work! Thank you so much guys for the past 3 years. Anyone else having this problem? Digimon fans in the West looking to play Digimon World Re: Sit back and bask in your praise and glory, you guys deserve it. Thanks a lot guys!