Your really owe it to yourself and the rest of the digiKam team to select another colour scheme – preferably one based on a white background, at least for the main frame. New tool to convert images color space. WOW, a million thanks!! Bug – DNG Converter damages white balance metadata. New tool to add border around images.

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New tool to mix color channel. Black ditikam White tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget. Send me a RAF file sample by private mail gmail.

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Monochrome tool shows plain grey preview. New tool to invert image colors.

I agree with the above Submitted by Bill Yiannakos not verified on Tue, Fileview preview panning shortcut back to old. Need to roll over again on a thumb to correct the rating.

Anyway, hope it wont be too much work to write a plugin It would be great to have native build of digikam for Mac OS X. Apart for the bug fixes, dgikam got multi-threaded digikam 1.2.0 we finally digikam 1.2.0 a neat preview widget, but those things are hard to show digikak a screenshot. Me wants Submitted by Fotografik not verified on Mon, Crash when having two tags with the same name in one folder.


How can I assure that digikam uses the lates kipi plugins? Digikqm crashed on multi-layer TIFFs. Additional aspect ratios in crop tool. New tool to adjust White Balance. Please fill a new file in KDE bugzilla about Pixelpipe, into kipiplugins component.

digiKam – digiKam

IPTC metadata tag delimiter is no longer stored since 0. If API are available, please join urls for developers.

Adjust Curves tool is multithreaded and use a zoomable preview widget. New tool to blur images. Graininess size can be adjusted with an option to set-up photographic distribution of noise. New tool to adjust Curves. Hi Gilles, first I want to thank digikam 1.2.0 for your digikam 1.2.0 work! Search field should not lost focus if nothing was found.

This website’s colour scheme, particularly its poor contrast, is not a good advertisment for a photo management application. New tool to adjust Color Balance. I confirm Submitted by digiKam on Sun, No Pictures visible in Collections. Export plugin for Piwigo. Facebook upload unreliable, and fails in unsafe fashion.


No Histogram and no effect when changing the line. Submitted by Anonymous not verified on Tue, Restart queue in Batch queue manager. Issues with color management and color profiles.