This record need its own superlative! New subscribers receive a 5 EURO coupon! Infinite strength, courage and the will to live. Vulture Industries The Ocean. Advertisement Advertise on MS.

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UK the most complete and polished definitely I only got into them after seeing them at Wacken.

Apokalyptischrn and Sir G to one of the best German live acts. Venom Storm The Gates. In order to provide you with an optimal website and so that we can continually improve it, we use cookies.

European Summer Tour 7. Login Register or use. That in mind, the Riders manage to convey much more than that on this record. The Ocean Phanerozoic I: Metallica Ride The Lightning.

I love every single note of this album An album was crafted out of stone, metal and cotton balls: I don’t want to get in details with every song, but this one really deserved it. Co-Headlining European Tour 5. Their most proffesional release so far, although I find more gems on Samurai and HANT, this one though has its real moments. Pest hadn’t manage to play the keyboards with such variety throughout the entire album, you can hear, besides the classic keyboard sounds, some piano solos, and accordions for the folk elements.


The chorus in Der Adler apokalyltischen ah!!!

Riders on the Storm

If you want to listen to a “Reiter” album for the first time, this would be the best choice, in my opinion. Artillery The Face Of Fear. Advertisement Advertise on MS. Spyroid Rosetta Stoned Posts: Amorphis Queen Of Time. The drums are so fucking fast but still have great rhythm and apoklyptischen is also an unforgettable piano solo. Feral Flesh For Funerals Eternal.

Virgin Black Requiem – Pianissimo.

Riders On The Storm by DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER – info and shop at Nuclear Blast – Nuclear Blast

While a gale was blowing outside and explosions obsessed the world, thunderbolts of constructiveness struck their laboratory. Write your own review. As mentioned, there are some folk elements and many well-timed acoustic interludes. Infinite strength, courage and the will to live. The singer “Fuchs” knows when he needs to switch his singing, I don’t see any mistakes in this area. What must be pointed out though is that this album is not for extreme metalheads.


This song is simply amazing, it has the catchiest guitar sound I’ve ever heard on my entire life. Saw them live last year but their sound tech was way off so I hope to see them again soon. Between melancholy and soulfulness, unruly hate and infinite love, infatuating folklore and smashing, brachial sound, the Riders have rders their home. Diie record need its own superlative!

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