Pramukh Hindi Font Converter. Conversion Conversion Emoticon Emoticon. I’ve collected most of the series fonts. Am I missing something? You have 20 attempts left. It follows ‘The way you speak, the way you type’ rule. Font Series All DevLys fonts:

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You have 20 attempts left. I have text in Mangal or Nirmal fonts in my word document. Promotion links are not allowed.

DevLys Thin Font Download ???? Free Hindi Font

Example for various combination of letters are given only for one character but it is true for each alphabet. View font series font family and font style system. Free fevlys complete series. The only way devlys 040 service differs from the regular subscription is, offline version does not require internet connection.

If you are in need of offline version of font converter, it is available only for yearly subscription. Pramukh Hindi Font Converter.

Pramukh Hindi Font Converter

Following image shows which character will be shown by pressing which corresponding English letter. Send me an email with your phone number to get more details. Font are developed by C-DAC. Kruti Dev and DevLys fonts share same keyboard layouts.


For state public service commission and other clerk or stenographer exams DevLys is familiar name for candidates. Subscribe to the paid version to convert unlimited number of characters cevlys number of times for the duration of your subscription. A all in one preview of all fonts is given below with their respective DevLys series numbers.

DevLys fonts mein kuch akshar devlys 040 hain jinhe keval ek key se poora type nahi kiya ja sakta, devyls baad mein ‘k’ key press karke inko poora karna jaroori hai. This font conversion service devlys 040 available as an API and can be integrated with your custom application using only 2 lines of code.

I’ve collected most of the series fonts.

DevLys : Download For FREE, View Character Map And Create Your Own Counter Using DevLys

Series system in DevLys font is same as in Kruti Dev fonts. Let me know if you are able to convert.

This DEMO version has characters limit. Select the font, paste the non Unicode text into left hand side box or Unicode text into right hand side box and press appropriate button devlys 040 conversion. Hindi Select Non Unicode Font Stunning and elegant fonts are included in this whole series.


Devlys 040 Free Font

For latest fonts join our mailing list and get trending fonts right in your inbox every month. In the font collection alphabetically go to D font and find DevLys series. Always searching for latest Hindi fonts, Developing new fonts. Tweet Share Share Share Share. If you are asking question, be sure to check ‘notify me’ check box to get your answer notification.

Am I missing something? DevLys font series is popular Devlys 040 font list and widely used. Font Series All DevLys fonts: I tried installing a few fonts like Akriti but devlys 040 dont seem to be taking effect in word document.

Click on eevlys font name to download free fonts. It follows ‘The way you speak, the way you type’ rule. All type of fonts are available in this series like professional and stylish and beautiful