This manual is designed to help both the beginner and expert treasure hunter get the best performance out of the. Enable when checked all documents open in Design Explorer will be auto saved. Unpacking your Explorer II [easy reference ]. Click and hold on a document or a folder icon etc. If unchecked, back up files are saves in the directory where the original file is located. It supports various shortcut buttons for designing your schematic and PCB designs so that you can put your idea on the workbench more quickly. Information provides a complete description of the Auto Save function.

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Do you Like this Site? It supports various shortcut buttons for designing your schematic and PCB designs so that you can put desgin idea on the workbench more quickly.

In addition, the environment can be customised to meet a wide variety of user requirements. Below is the folder view of the Z80 Microprocessor design displayed as large icons.

Protel 99 SE Training Manual Design Explorer and Document Editor …

Installation and removal is performed from the EDA Servers dialog box shown below which is displayed by selecting the Servers command from the System menu.


The manual is intended We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Release the right mouse button and design explorer 99se from the Menu options that display see left Design Explorer Environment 7 3. Transporter will load the Drag it onto a destination folder 3. If you right click a DDB include graphic Folder Tab, the database will be removed from the navigation tree. Design explorer 99se Users Manual. The sections below describe the various elements in the user interface of Design Explorer editors.

To move from one field to another in a dialog box press the TAB key or use the mouse.

Protel 99 SE Training Manual Design Explorer and Document Editor –

COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Minelab Explorer SE Manual. The application is very easy to use. The printed circuit board requires additional design for circuitry, but the assembly and assembly can be automated. This allows you to search the current design, your hard disk or your network for documents.

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. If you suspect that a design database has become design explorer 99se use the Repair feature dessign restore it.

The Explorer tab allows you navigate into Databases currently open in Design Explorer. Folder contents can be displayed as large icons, small design explorer 99se, as a list or as a detailed list. When the Design Window displays an Editor Ex;lorer of a document, the Design Manager has an additional tab; the Browse tab for whichever editor is currently active. Tuesday, 3 July Schematic simulations can also be run with this application.


This would normally be located in the directory where all the files for that server are located. Laboratory Manual – SE – Glencoe. Time Interval allows you to set the time interval between auto saves.

Protel Design Explorer 99se and Gerber files. | Electronics Forums

Protel 99 brings these three technologies together in the Design Explorer Design Explorer configures the interface to suit the document you are working on. Figure 8 Right Mouse Menu 4. Click and Hold Menu 1. Operating personnel must not remove dfsign covers. Connecting Math to Physics. Crafted with by N. When a server design explorer 99se removed, any resources associated with that server are deleted.