Rajasthani is no exception. Said to have lived from to , Baba Ramdev is linked with the Pokaran district, some km east of Jelsalmer in western Rajasthan and is often depicted on horseback. Its title can be rendered along the lines of ‘Hear me calling you’ or ‘Hear my entreaty’. Maybe only a white writer would have dared make those connections. This meeting of minds joyfully combines the folk arts, epitomised by Rajasthan’s two pre-eminent hereditary musician clans – the Langas and Manganiars or Manganihars – and the ‘highbrow’ art music tradition, exemplified by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, one of Hindustani art music’s most distinguished principal soloists, here accompanied again by that master of tabla dynamics of. He banished boundaries in Rajasthan.

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As a grammy awarded for the project recorded as a duo with Ry Cooder inVishwa Mohan Batt visuwa one of the few Indian musicians who is known by Westerners. The combination of the mesmerising artistry of Bhatt and the soaring passion of vocalist Anwar Khan coupled with the driving hypnotic rhythms of Dholak, Khadtal and the desert strings of Kamaicha and Sindhi Sarangi produces a level of involvement for musician and listener alike which is so engrossing it seems dseert induce a trance like state.

‎Desert Slide by Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Musicians of Rajasthan on Apple Music

Several Rajasthani melas fairs or festivals celebrate his memory. The former student of Ravi Shankar first gained international attention with his Grammy Award-winning album collaboration with Ry Cooder.

His worship crosses the Hindu-Muslim divide as well as crossing the caste line since his followers include caste Hindus and the casteless Dalits or Untouchables in modern-day Rajasthan and Gujarat -and even further afield into Madhya Pradesh and Sind on the Mouan side of the border. Again, like all the pieces except Kesariya balam, it is in keherwa.

Desert Slide

The opening devotional song Helo Mharo Suno is kin to the bhajan form of Hindu hymn. Henna’s earthy browns and reds are the colours from slidd life – and, symbolically, green – springs. In its bridging of tradition, nothing like Desert Slide has ever been captured for posterity before and that is why Helo mharo suno in its invocation of Baba Ramdev is so perfect.


The creation of the mohan veena, half guitar half sitar instrument, with bluesy and hawaiian sounds, forces the player desert slide vishwa mohan bhatt go beyond the boundaries of traditional vsihwa, also fascinating.

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It was his love for the characteristics of North American slide guitar that led him to invent the Mohan veena, a hybrid guitar with 19 strings which is now recognised as a true Indian classical music instrument. The narrator has got the hiccups. Its title can be rendered along the lines of ‘Hear me calling you’ or ‘Hear my entreaty’. The programme’s instinctive mela sub-theme resurfaces here. The lyrics welcome the listener to the person’s home or homeland.

Desert Slide reflects the excitement of its birthplace, its surroundings, its musical origins and the colours of Rajasthan. One such is the monsoon-season Teej, the festival of swings, in the Vishww month desert slide vishwa mohan bhatt Shravana August-time in the Christian calendar which toasts Parvati’s union with Shiva and hence conjugal bliss. That intensity and the sheer size of the state determine that it is a land of extremes.

It embraces the camel browns and kesar yellows of the Thar Desert on its western flank and – pointing east towards Uttar Pradesh – the grey plumage and black heads of demoiselle cranes soaring desert slide vishwa mohan bhatt Jaipur, the Pink City, vlshwa to dance and inspire dancers. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt who is also from Jaipur in Rajasthan shot to prominence in the west with his collaboration with Ry Cooder called ‘Meeting by the River’ and this new ensemble looks set to win over audiences worldwide with its unique blend of musical influences.

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt’s alap or opening invocation is designed to set the mood or scene, creating an atmosphere suffused with sadness or melancholy and a pain and pangs of separation. All languages love onomatopoeia. Another is Gangaur, Rajasthan’s defining day mela that follows on the heels of Holi, the spring festival of colours, and a mela that, like Teej, is connected with the Goddess Parvati.


Vishwa Mohan Batt V. This meeting, which is halfway between savant hindoustani art, folk traditions of the Thar desert and an elegant modernity, is a musical jewel.

A meeting of masters inspired by the vast expanses of the Thar desert. Recorded in an obvious magical one shot elan, the fishwa combines pagan and divine love songs, which were taken from an ancestral songbook. It is particularly associated with bridal adornment and is used to dye intricate patterns on celebrants’ hands.

Vishwa Mohan Batt (), Anwar Khan & Divana – Desert Slide – World Music

Rajasthan’s vastness of bright light and vibrant colour is reflected in its folk arts and the land’s robust musical heritage. Kesariya Balam track 6 or Saffron Beloved desert slide vishwa mohan bhatt imagine the colour of kesar mangos – is another song of longing and separation. The style of singing is designed to attract attention. In track 4, ‘Hichki’ Hiccoughs hinges on a local folk belief or superstition. Thanks to the aerial glissandi of the Mohan Veena and the shimmering lyricism of the Gipsys, this meeting has created a powerful and bright music.

Jhilmil Barse Meh track 3 is a rainy season song. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt plays a theme, a rhythmic melodic hook of his own composition early in the piece to convey a sense of journeying, but the wit of his playing lies in slipping between the interstices of ‘ragadom’. But he also composes and innovates, like Pandit Ravi Shankar whom he was the first student of or like his fellow musician Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya, who also shows a real interest in slide guitar.