When you disable the Session level restriction, device manager should be able to list the devices. Configure Session Level Restriction based on the device class. Windows R2 server session hangs when devices are redirected to multiple session from different client terminals by different users. Our Newsletter Your First Name: How to read the device Hardware ID.

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Comments cannot contain these special characters: TCX Flash Acceleration transcodes the native Flash media stream to a high bitrate motion JPG content that is then delivered to the client for fast local rendering. Configure Session Level Restriction based on the device class.

Notes, cautions, and warnings. Shockwave plugin shows you try to play flash file using adobe flash player. They can recall and reopen applications at positions where they were previously closed. Please select whether the article was helpful or not. Check whether Flash ActiveX is installed on Server. Copyright The Wyse Guys. Supporting Custom Transport Registration. Data is not available for virtualier Topic.


There is one Windows internal software named Process Explorer. Scanner Device redirects but does not work on Terminal Server. If you want to block a user from device redirection identified by class, then configure this policy setting in AD which does not allow the user to redirect the device classes.

Dell Wyse TCX Suite 7.3 Administrator’s Guide

Prevent redirection of USB devices. If not then it fallback to the Flash Acceleration provided Flash player is installed on Server. Mass Storage devices Deny write access by hardware ID. Supports Internet Explorer 7 and 8. The software vjrtualizer both the server and the client dwll that work intelligently to redirect multimedia processing tasks dynamically between the client and server for a rich user experience.

By default all the classes of devices are allowed. If restart does not work, then collect the event log as explained and pass it to technical support.

This problems is due to one of the two reasons: Hide Table of Contents. Using Event Viewer for Server Troubleshooting.


Please tell us whether this article ttcx your issue. Thank you for your feedback. Performing a Silent Installation on the Client. Enable the Quick Removal option at disk properties from device manager. Check whether client has Flash player plugin.

Dell Wyse TCX Suite Administrator’s Guide

Configure Session Level Restriction based on the device class. Performing a Client Suite Interactive Uninstallation. URL redirection and virtualier support for certain codec types. Capture PrepareDevice failed — Setting Device to usable state called afteropen.

Eliminates the need for a separate hardware IPphone unit. Traditionally, multimedia playback had a number of limitations in thin computing environments.