Frittenbude have always preferred sweating to sleeping. Account Options Sign in. Queere Tiere Sookee 1. Moritz Wilken, better known by his stage name grim, is a German rapper, who is signed to the Hamburg label Buback. Urlaub in der Stadt.

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Waving the Guns 0. Queere Tiere Sookee 1. Frittenbude have mutated into some sort of stadium prog rock act. In the world of music the following rule applies: Account Options Sign in. Derbe drauf Eljot Quent 1. Rave is deine elstern augen zu a hobby. With a children’s choir, huge armada of trucks with analogue equipment, a live drummer and a keyboard player. Frittenbude will be there with you.

Frittenbude have also always preferred speaking out to keeping silent. Whoever wishes to proclaim that electro punk is dead shall go ahead and do just that – in the meantime Frittenbude will continue killing the bass and then bringing it back in with a vengeance until all driveling sparrows have disappeared from the roof tops. Die Mauer Johnny Mauser 1. For three albums this worked well.


About Blank

Frittenbude have grown up, they are doing discourse rock now. When things become more complex, the commentary has to follow suit. Steer is working on an experimental techno solo album and a new record for his band pandoras.

You are not alone. It means that Michael Jackson was right: So what does it all mean?

Niemals arm Kobito 1. Danger Dan Koljah 1.

Songs from Similar Artists. Because of the committed sloganeering of their early albums, their lyrical sustenance was often overlooked. Moritz Wilken, better known by his stage name grim, is deune German rapper, who is signed to the Hamburg label Buback.

Egotronic is a German electropunk band from Berlin formed in Fick die Uni feat. Mindestens in Jahren Frittenbude 1. Frittenbude do not give you a manual on how to use your brain. They are hanging out with Dirk von Lowtzow, probably smoking rollies and discussing the evil that is neoliberalism. Deine elstern augen zu did not let go of neither rattling dirty bass, nor infectious hooks.


Kobito & Sookee (Deine Elstern) – Augen Zu | Rainer Scheerer

It was time for them to reassess. To them, the world is more than just black and white. Hug Life Captain Gips 1. This is art, today, not only in a thousand years. You got to keep moving when your passion becomes your profession. Elxtern have always preferred sweating to sleeping. Frittenbude are still the same, open and determined.