No Online Multiplayer Cheats: One serves as a bomb, another sets foes ablaze, and a third temporarily increases the damage your defenses can dish out. Generally unfavorable reviews – based on 8 Ratings. Valley of the Forgotten is an engaging blend of two normally distinct genres, bolstered by an interesting, if sometimes tonally inconsistent, story. Personally, I’ve spent more than 12 hours going back to complete perfect runs on every stage. It’s no accident that Defender’s Quest is incredibly fun to play.

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Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX Edition

I like playing it now to I have very few complaints valey of this area. Black Ops 4 81 Battlefield V 80 Gwent: Pirates of the Enchiridion. Log in to finish rating Defender’s Quest: Between this and the bonuses for beating levels without taking damage, Defender’s Quest is deceptively long.

The promise of free content updates has me excited to continue playing. Echoes of an Elusive Age.

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX Edition for PlayStation 4 Reviews – Metacritic

All this publication’s reviews Read full review. A-Z Index Worst Games of Overall Defender’s Quest is just a bad game. It’s a solid setup — one that helps to rationalize many of this genre’s oddities. Valley of the Forgotten PC.


You can go back and try to beat maps on harder difficulties. Level Up Labs Released: If you can’t find any reasonable combination of raw numbers from your current party you can always go back to the story or back to challenges, if you were stopped on the story.

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

The team behind it clearly had an appreciation for the genre and knew how to offer something familiar yet fresh. Log in to finish rating Defender’s Quest: This makes defenderss entire game a simple wash-and-repeat repetition of “drop towers and hit x4 to finish faster, then endure the next story sequence”.

Won’t astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash. Very solid and entertaining tower defense game with a splash of RPG. Strategy of placement is only occasionally required, and when it is it’s obvious. These plagued beasts aren’t so easily fought, but thankfully, you have the ability to bring yourself and allies into a world halfway between this and the next valleg the infected can be killed.


Review: Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Pirates of the Enchiridion 54 Earthfall 53 Fallout 76 48 Immortal: By Metascore By user score. I specifically bring this up because spells help to get you, the player, more directly involved with what’s happening on screen.

That’s the gist of the story in Defender’s Questwhich is told vslley dialogue in and outside of skirmishes.

January 19, MSRP: It’s no accident that Defender’s Quest is incredibly fun to play. Generally favorable reviews – based on 5 Critics What’s this? Battle Royale dedenders Warhammer 40, Defender’s Quest Gameplay Trailer.

Valley of the Forgotten Doing so throws a tougher, more varied group of enemies at you and offers greater XP and loot.