In theory the equation is the same All you can do is go diving and then make any decisions regarding your computer settings on how YOU feel afterwards. Run time Partially the difference between using a “wet computer” and a desktop PC. Discussion in ‘ Ask Dr. Hi dmainou, I recognized the same. Can’t you spin up a 32 bit VM? Login or create an account to post a review.

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I guess Multideco makes a better choice as it allows you to use any of the two algorithms. On long dives the time reduction is similar. Level 4 Your not deco planner 3.1.4 massive deco comitments so an extra 5mins wont hurt and being bend free is a bonus. At 6m if I preform a good O2 flush I can get a steady O2 reading for a steady planned volume. I had the deco planner 3.1.4 of a copy as payback but I don’t know that I would have been so keen to help a commercial venture for free had I actually known that that was what he was planning.

Now I’m plsnner all the way. I want something where I do not have to refer to dive tables to calculate but it automatically calculates for me when I input in the values for the deco planner 3.1.4 dive’s total time, max depth etc.

You run it 10 times and get 10 different outcomes? Level 4 or 5 was my prefered setting especilay for such a short dive.


I’ve also dived with many people who switch the gas computer, not for real from He to Air at 40m and do the reduced profile on backgas. Dceo would really like to understand why. Agreed, I quite like the while iOS thing but an seriously considering moving away from them. Benefits of registering include Ability to post and comment on topics and discussions.

D I have thought about it but I’m not a computer person, I had to teach myself VB to do the original version and would have to teach myself programming for Android as well.

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And which one deco planner 3.1.4 considered the best? First time I actually stopped for at least a few minutes was 27m. I’d be interested if it could generate decent tables, I’ll have to look into it One stop may be differ for one minute or so but overall they are the same.

Tool for planning staged decompression dives for technical divers. The lack of loop stability is just caused by ineffective flushing think of all the dead space in your loop that will deco planner 3.1.4 ages to equalise even given the best flushing. I still use it now although it is limping a lot and needs a 3.11.4 to even get it running now on 64x.


I suggest, then, that you leave the software on its default settings.

All you can do is go diving and then make any decisions regarding your computer settings plnaner how YOU feel afterwards. Being a fruit-based-technology refuse-nik, I didn’t realise that were talking phone OSs.

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The best planner I think was DDPlan. Looks like the guys behind Baltic have done a very last minute 64bit update to Baltic to make it iOS11 compatible. Deco planner 3.1.4 is OK too. Uh oh, you shouldn’t have siad that: From other threads it seems that V-planner and Baltic planner are the recommended options so I’m trying the free versions of these. Anyone got any idea what the problem is. In all cases I had conservatism as low as possible.

The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. However, I didn’t feel as good after dives as before.

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I now use Multideco http: Or boot to a 32 bit friendly version of Linux? There are some free planners out there.

GF high value Scott.