Changed names to newcamd, cardspider, cardserv, betad and file attributes to If you then make some more screenshots we could use this for a guide, a few people might be interested. I was expecting the newcamd. It did mention it was complete. Ok, this is what I’ve done so far.

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If you want to 2.990 able to see everything available then the keys must be from yesterday. It did mention it was complete. Also, changed file attributes to That will give you a good indication if you are online. Next, I renamed the file to addon.

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Ok, this is what I’ve done so far. If you want to be sure your dreambox is connected to the net try the blue button, addons, download and install, then choose cams for instance, and after a relatively short time a list of 16 or so cams will creambox.

Why I’d want to do it again, Lord only knows! But as an exercise, you might want to try to get a clean image, and make notes or screenshots of the VAR directories ccc all the sub dfc, and then auto install newcamd, newcamdconfig and the keys. Pressed blue button to find and activate Newcamd, but it’s nowhere to be found!


I can start the Cams, but which one am I supposed to use and how do I check if it’s functioning as it should dcc 2.90 dreambox, in other words, which channel should now descrambled?

There seem to be quite a few files missing such as newcamd. I also came across this thread dccc Hi If you get the list of cams and keys you are there. Well, once you get dcc 2.90 dreambox gateway you can install it directly with the blue button. Where am I going wrong?

Directory listing of

Rav Regular Member May 20, Also, dcc 2.90 dreambox navigating through the Newcamd distribution I’m not sure exactly which files go where, is there a definitive guide somewhere? Would be nice if others could confirm. Will also take some pictures of the TV screen when activating the newly installed Cam and maybe put together a fool-proof idiots guide to manually installing a Cam.

I was expecting the newcamd. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

You could do the following, just to make sure: The problem with the posts in the idiot guide explaining dcc 2.90 dreambox to put what is that these change all the time, every new release has some small differences. Blue button is the way to go from now on! Rav Regular Member May 19, Once Newcamd keys are available I would then switch as I believe the newcamd emu is more stable. Also, the key files such as nagraram3. Hi You should select the newcamd betad cam.


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To check if you got the cam working ok you should be testing Multivision on Hotbird, and Taquilla on 19 east and Dreamblx, as well as Vidoe on demand on Hispasat and Lusemundo. Will have a look a bit later, thanks once again. Can someone please tell me or point dcc 2.90 dreambox to where I can find the definitive answer to which files go ecc and which filenames need changing as there seems to be some conflicting information. With newcamd you don’t need to do anything for the freeview card, other than that entering the boxid is fairly simple.

Ok, will give that a go once I’ve installed my new gateway which has just arrived. Forums New posts Search forums. Thread starter Rav Start date May dreamhox,