I’ve uploaded all the relevant files as far as I can see. I’m Running vb 4. Hi there, I have noticed the modified exported style. What a high contrast theme needs to do: Just take a look to my attachment As I said I want to move the info I circled a little bit to the left?

darkcore vbulletin skin

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Hi Nicholas, indeed it is your skin that messes up my custom skin, it dsrkcore not affect my other skins, it is all because of these product modules xml.

darkcore vbulletin skin

I have been using vbulletin all my life and I honestly have no complaints with vbullefin. Better brightness for some icons. The content of laucher. Wondering if anyone else is running into this issue.

DarkCore vBulletin Skin | Theme Yard

Is that just a quirk of your test site? Hi, I was just wondering if you would mind sharing your mod or method for displaying the message to guests of You must be an PurevB customer and logged in to view this response.

Bug in style or vbulletin. I’ve uploaded all the relevant files as far as I can see.

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Embed this content in your HTML. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Now after I done that I went to my site and it don’t bring up nothing but some kind of error. Socialize skin installation issue. Don’t have an account yet?


Pure vBulletin – vbulletin 4 skins, vbulletin 4 themes, and vbulletin 4 styles. I’m setting up a development server. I made some small corrections and updated the files carkcore download I have a theme which does not support its creator. As you know the default logo is centered but when I went to the header template and replace the vb stylevar tittleimage for my akin root it shows like this: Essentially, when the mod is enabled, the DarkCore skin does not show the header image and does not show correctly page blocks not working, things don’t appear in the correct places, missing login buttons, etc.

Hi there, I have noticed the modified exported style. I am really new using vbulletin and vbulletin themes so I wanted to know.

I will work on this after polish this core theme the right top buttons are ugly and some icons skln much dark I bought the Socialize skin yesterday for my site Nihonomaru Forum Friendly Community Then installed it, and later imported the product modules xml, but i found some images are not redirecting right ex http: As a visual impaired I need to change the colors to a high contrast theme in all software that I use.


Issue whit skon navbar.

DarkCore vBulletin Skin

Log in Forgotten Your Password? I just grabbed some example sites that show some different themese or routes that can be taken with either so we can try and decide what to do vbullftin it.

darkcore vbulletin skin

And the fancy box around it ect: So I think we’ve come to a mostly unanimous decision at this point on the theme? I purchased the Socialize skin yesterday, and haven’t yet received the skin. I have VB 4. Hi, I’ve send an email yesterday vbullerin for a reply.

If the skin developer has any questions, you can tell him to contact me and I can answer him.

darkcore vbulletin skin

I installed a brand new vb4 test demo and later i installed my own custom skin then your skin, yes i did import the modules xml first before the style xml.