My files Added by: Enter your email address: Process Manager got now a real better compatibility on 64 bit OS, now it list all process. DNS Poisoning added in edit server , you can add some dns rules in hosts file very easily and also clean the whole host file before applying your custom changes. It is easy to create your own error. Two functions added in Clipboard manager , get the remote clipboard text in your clipboard , and send your clipboard text to the remote clipboard. Press the “generate” button about times.

darkcomet rat 3.0.1

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Type in your password that you put in general settings.

darkcomet rat 3.0.1

Please thank me for this tutorial. Things you will need: Two buttons added in Html scripting, batch scripting and visual basic scripting Past rwt code and copy code to clipboard.

EXCLUSIVE : DarkComet-RAT 3.0 released (Impressive RAT tool)

I recommend checking the auto update. Then put your port in the next box and hit test network. Enter in whatever ID you want for your server and whatever you want in your profile name.

Works in chinese systems: Two functions added in Clipboard managerget the remote clipboard text in your clipboardand send your clipboard text to the remote clipboard.


Dark comet rat 3.0.1

Know how to port forward. It took a long time for me to make!!

The ones I checked are highly advised. NJ Ouchn “Passion is needed for any great work, and for the revolution, passion and audacity are required in big doses”. Icon Pack with list added in the new Edit serveryou can also drop some new icon in the Icons folder they will apear then in the list.

Spreading your server is a different thing everyone! Im gonna choose RES. Related Posts Habu v0. Process Manager got now a real better compatibility on 64 bit OS, now it list all process. This will go through setting up your dark comet for use.

DarkComet RAT Huge Collections

If you use a password for protecting connection it will be display in tray icons with a locker to remind you! Only registered users can add comments. Enter your email address: I havnt seen one on this forum and many people know of this RAT so I took up 2 hours of my day coming up with this. 30.1 server plugins system done, now you can code your own plugins that will be load at server startup, the system is safe threaded It wont block the main application.


Microsoft reader allow you to make speak the remote computer.

Dark comet rat download

Now in file binder you can choose if you want the file s to be drop in temp folder and executed or if you want them to be inject to default browser directly from resource without extracting it. Clipboard manager have been recodednow you can resize the textbox and listview for a better confort. If you want it, just check the “display a message box on first module load” then just fill in whatever you want. Click on “choose icon”. In OS collumn windows installed drive added its where windows was installed.

After that go to the “general settings” tab at the bottom. By default New comments first Old comments first.

It is easy to create your own error. Click on the “module shield” i advise you check the “active persistent process” and the other thing in BLUE then just check whatever you want that you need or want.

darkcomet rat 3.0.1

DarkComet since the version 2.