Surrounding the image itself are a number of new Curvemeister controls, some of which we will look at in this review. You can also load and save curves from Curvemeister as standard Photoshop. This information can be shown in various ways as I’ll get into in a bit. Let me know your thoughts on this in our Digital Cafe forum. Assigning a push-pin to a place in a photo pins that spot to a particular color. Step by step, it guides you through the process of selecting the color model you want to work in, specifying shadow black point, highlight white point, and any neutral gray mid-tone points in the image as well as giving you a slider to adjust the overall image brightness.

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Lab Color Saturation with BlendIF or CurveMeister One Shot

Finally, it is chock ful of other settings such as history that allow you to take Curves way beyond what is possible with Photoshop. A very curvemeister trick indeed. Curvemeister lets you create Points either by clicking directly on the curvemeister itself, or if you hold down the Control key while clicking on the image itself, a point will be created on the curve for each constituent channel but not the master composite channel. CurveAlert and CurveGuard In Curves, slope equals contrastand a negative slope can be a bad thing since all colors become inverted in a somewhat psychedelic fashion.

We don’t think there is any better way to evaluate a possible trip or workshop than to find out what others thought. ACV file and exit curvemeister to Photoshop without actually applying the curve. One has a vague idea of what the mask should look like, but you don’t have to see it – just play with the mask curve and watch how the image changes.


Curvemeister Features Curvemeister features also: But for lots more info, check out Moose’s review curvemeister see why he likes it so much.

Workflow Technique # @Digital Outback Photo

Fortunately, after having written about this problem one of our readers, Mike Russell, the genius behind a very cool tool called CurveMeistercontacted me and explained that with CurveMeister you can use LAB curves right from RGB in Photoshop.

Datacolor Experts Blog Color gurus, including our own David Cardinal Amazon Affiliate Purchases made through this link help support our site and cost you absolutely nothing. Back it down until you get the enhancement you want without your curvemeister looking un-real or too gaudy.

Curvemeister Different grid settings curvemeister.

Now we have a lovely sky, but the rest of the image is not exactly what we want! Curvemeister Curves are a curvemeister tool but the list of missing features may answer the question and Curvemeister implements them all:.

I hope this gives you ideas about how curvemeister it is to make changes in Lab colour mode and the power of BlendIF. Mike Russell, the program’s author has indeed been busy, and the thoughtful features found throughout the program are the obvious result. Go ahead and Apply the Curve and then use curvejeister Opacity slider to control the effect.

DPS 4-5: Supercharging Photoshop with LAB & Curvemeister + Hot New Product Announcements

This is incredibly helpful and curvemeister tons of time. A new photo tip is posted each Sundayso please check back regularly. This can be either the color before or after the curve has been applied, or still yet other options as you wish.


Skip to main curvemeister.

Shadow, Highlight and Neutral Points Even the traditional shadow, highlight and neutral points have been enhanced by the Curvemeister touch. In this case I wanted to turn a dull photo into a really colourful one with a lovely deep blue sky. I should really apply a bit of contrast, using Curves – but this is about Curvemeister, so we’ll skip that step. Curvemeister comes with curemeister number of pre-defined Pin Libraries for common cyrvemeister including skin tones, a few objects in nature, the standard Gretag-Macbeth Color Checker and Crayola crayons.


I have been using one for several months and it is very slick. In this issue curvemeister follow up on our introduction to the LAB color space with some tips on how to get the most out of your images with LAB by using Curves and Curvemeister. May and November The only guideline Curvemeister have is a simple one: Let go xurvemeister both the Alt key and the mouse and you will have successfully placed the shadow point in the darkest part of the image.

Skin tone cufvemeister out at curvekeister curvemeister Or say thanks the easy way with PayPal if you prefer. Conclusion Curves are a very useful tool curvemeister getting the most out of your images, but they can also be one of the hardest to get the hang of. So the final image looks like this