Atmospheric and progressive sludge tend to cater to many Isis and Neurosis “wanna-be” bands, yet Cult of Luna offer a completely different take on the genre Isis and Neurosis pioneered. The guitars of Fredrik, Johannes and Erik Olofsson are fuzzy and loud without ever being annoying or buzzy, the bass, courtesy of Andreas Johansson is great and creative and audibly anchors the band, while keeping that heavy low-end rumble ever present, and Thomas Hedlund’s drums are a lot of fun to listen to, with plenty of excellent passages and fills that keep rhythm without getting boring. Cult of Luna — Vertikal”. Whereas other albums were always very emotional, this one dangles between feelings of inner coldness and a more humane warmth. Views Read Edit View history.

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[Exclusive] CULT OF LUNA Vertikal II Full Album Stream

Cult of Luna — Vertikal”. It took them a line-up eight musicians strong, three guitars and five years to get to this point. The Weapon” available for online streaming to help promote the album.

Shortly afterwards the album reaches its closing segment. In fact, this album rarely breaks from a melancholy mood, and when it does, it breaks into heaviness. This band’s emphasis, however, isn’t simply on brutal licks or sweet little musical breathers. The track ascends into a tumultuous cascade before petering out into the minute extravaganza that is Vicarious Redemption.

Industrial sounds of driving machinery, grey monotone landscapes that paint an image as abstract as the cover art, and even some electronic moments that should raise some eyebrows, all are now very present in the renewed mixture of sonic layers that compose this album.


Lower by At The Graves. At Metacriticwhich assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews cult of luna vertikal critics, the album received an average score of 85, which indicates “universal acclaim”, based on 10 reviews. In DecemberCult of Luna made the song “I: Persson, who said he believes remixes to be a “waste of time,” said Broadrick was chosen because he is “one of the few people I’d trust with a remix,” and later praised his work on this song cult of luna vertikal an “amazing way of doing a remix.

Finally, the drum work on this album is phenomenal. The year wasthe city was quiet and the light had been swallowed by the sound of an unspecified frequency — an electric wall of sound that made everything glow.

Vertikal Studio album by Cult of Luna. If Lang’s film portrayed man operating in clocklike motion, battling, succumbing to the machine, Vertikal suggests that man has conquered it by taking control and using it to explore and communicate his emotions.

Cult of Luna Vertikal II. But lo and behold as it ends and the sense of tension is again retained and weaved beautifully for another five cult of luna vertikal of blissful anger, proving that as cold as it may seem at first bertikal album is also very humane and warm blooded. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher.


A truly great drummer with extremely diverse musicality! The longest song they have ever released, it tells its own story. And it is a challenging experience indeed.

Cult of Luna – Vertikal Review

A growl means nothing if the dynamics, the structure and even the accents are post-rock the attitude; not the genre in its purest and therefore imperfect form. They were more rural, earthy and organic in a way. I started listening to Cult of Luna with The Beyond. The band cited the fact that all members were living in different cities, had busy lkna with their own families and jobs, and not being signed to record cult of luna vertikal at the time as various reasons for this long gap.

Lunz February 1, Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. There is not much metal left, as one can see. For example, give a serious listen to the song Synchronicity.

I very much enjoyed Vertikal by Cult of Luna. Jak Van Der Graaf. Enough of me cukt about how much I love this album. I admit to have been initially sceptic about its apparently overlong size, clocking in at a staggering 19 minutes of length. Songs, Reviews, Credits, Awards: Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz.