They are used in analog to digital converter. Design T Flip flop from Asynchronous Sequential circuit? It may result in a transition to a wrong state. List out the applications of decoder? What is primitive flow table? The language is not case sensitive. ASM chart describes the sequential operation in a digital system.

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The table can be reduced to a smaller numbers of rows if two or more stable states are placed in the same row of the flow table. It is a ring counter in which the inverted output is fed into the input.

The language is not case sensitive. Conversion from BCD into decimal is also very easy. Cs2202 question bank condition placed in the box is a Boolean expression that is evaluated to determine which branch to take in SM chart.


The bak of operation is high compared to an asynchronous counter State the questiom of karnaugh map. During the design of synchronous sequential circuits, it is more convenient to name the states by letter symbols without making specific reference to their binary values. What is meant by flow table? Th e banm cs2202 question bank BCD code are a. Design a counter with the following repeated binary sequence: Th e memory IC used in a digital system is selected or enabled only for the range of addresses assigned to it.


What is meant by Map method? Th e different types of RAM are a. If a state machine is started from either of two states and identical output sequences are generated from every possible set of sequences, then the two states are cs2202 question bank to be equivalent. No visual identification of reduction process.

Anna University Chennai Cs – digital principles and system design model question papers

cs2202 question bank The cycle time of a memory is a time required to complete a write operation. Environmental science and engineering Questions B S ynchronous sequential circuit that use clock pulses in the inputs of memory elements are called clocked sequential circuit. What is meant by parity bit? A Demultiplexer is a circuit that receives information on a single line and transmits this information on one of 2 cs2202 question bank p ossible output lines.

Th e reverse process for implementing a Boolean expression is called as analyzing a combinational circuit. The process of conversion is referred to as code conversion. Define state reduction algorithm. M oore circuit Me aly circuit a. The complement of the number should be obtained from that number by replacing 1s with 0s and 0s with 1s. Find a minimal collection of compatibles that covers all the states qusstion is closed.


Th e capacitors are provided inside the chip by MOS transistors. The count has a repeated sequence of six states, cs2202 question bank flip flops B and C repeating the binary count 00, 01, 10 while flip flop A alternates between 0 and 1 every three counts. M u ltiplexer is other wise called as Data selector. They are used in analog to digital converter. Hazards in the combinational circuits can be removed by covering any two min terms that may produce a hazard with a product term common to both.


Give the characteristic equation of a T flip-flop. What are the applications of queztion segment displays? A sequential circuit consists of a combinational circuit to which memory elements are connected to form a feedback path.