Preview Sinden – Bruk Out. V6 – Break Out. Cryoshell’s musical style has been classified as alternative rock , hard rock and metal , and labelled similar to bands like Delain , Evanescence both also fronted by a female singer , Linkin Park and Within Temptation. Sean Paul – Bruk Out. A sophomore effort, Next to Machines , is currently in production.

cryoshell breakout mp3

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Mikkel Maltha Anthony Lledo. The xx – Intro.

Cryoshell – Wikipedia

Cryoshell – Come to My Heaven. Abdullah Ibrahim – Barakaat. Cryoshell – No More Words. Brigada – Various mp3 track.

cryoshell breakout mp3

However, a release date has not been confirmed and the release is thought to have been scrapped. The album’s lead single ” Bye Bye Babylon ” was released July 19,with its music video premiering on Cryoshell’s official website the following August.

Cryoshell – Gravity Hurts Bionicle Instrumental. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When the band eventually spent the majority of the year recording new material, they moved the release to the fall ofpushing it back further to January 30, when recording sessions were still ongoing, and again when that date passed.

Originally announced for a late release, the album was later postponed to early The first song breakkout be produced was ” Bye Bye Babylon “, in time for Bionicle’s marketing campaign.


Vohid Abdulhakim – bir yigit. Namiq Qaracuxurlu – Bir Arzu Tut. Aidonia – Bruk Out. Vocals were provided by Christine Lorentzen — a former TV presenter and employee of the creative agency Advance — after she auditioned for the part.

CryoShell Falling

Plans to record a full-length album for a late release were announced, but production was pushed back to the following year. On a video blog uploaded May 30, onto Cryoshell’s official YouTube channel, Lorentzen stated that due of the album’s limited release to Denmark and because of ongoing support from fans worldwide, the band were prepared to release the songs “Feed” and “The Room” from cryowhell album for free on June 7 to fans who added brrakout as their friend on YouTube before that date, [1] while they worked on securing a global distribution agreement for the whole album.

Breekda – Soul Kitchen. Danish metal music blog MetalZone called the band “A bgeakout of Evanescence,” adding “It’s fine to be inspired by a band, but to make a clone of the band is perhaps excessive. Retrieved 7 June They praised lead singer Christine Lorentzen’s vocal talents “[soaring] above the instrument mixes,” especially on the tracks “Trigger” and “Falling”, and how the band “has bigger things in mind than mere promotional songs” and that “String synthesizers, broken chords played on the piano, and driving background electric guitars set an eerie cryoshlel powerful mood throughout the album.


Music composer Mikkel Maltha was commissioned by the Lego Group to produce a song to be used in the promotional campaign of a forthcoming brekout of Lego toys.

Cryoshell – Breakout –

Cryoshell – Gravity Hurts. DJ Q – Bruk Out. To match the album’s production quality, previous Bionicle-used songs “Creeping in My Soul” and “Closer to the Truth”, which were originally produced between andwere re-recorded.

cryoshell breakout mp3

Eyes from the Mosh Pit. Dj Slon – Brigada. After releasing the song “Closer to the Truth” under the band name Cryoshell for Bionicle’s Mistika wave in Octoberthe group announced plans to record a full-length album.

However, they praised the production of producer Jacob Hansen for “getting much out of a small budget” and gave the album 3 out of 6 stars. Brae ezdi – Az tanema Ya odin.

Preview Sinden – Bruk Out. Retrieved from ” https: It is a classical ballad that features higher levels of orchestral arrangements with no guitar work; putting emphasis on Lorentzen’s vocals.