I prefere No Me Separen de Mi , I think is the best track of the album , the guitar and specialy the drummer is excellent. The price may be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price. The only minor complaint I might entertain is the fact that the longer tracks can sometimes get a little repetitive; for an album of under 35 minutes, you shouldn’t have to strain yourself to “bulk up” something that’s already so short. Some solid drumming 3 minutes in and a fuller sound comes and goes. I don’t know too many bands which combine in such a good manner their skills.

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On their second album the tracks xelirios longer with more solos and a stronger influence from jazzrock and Dutch masters FOCUS. That overarching presence of ‘folk tune’ sensibilities was very particular for rock in the Andean region, for instance – and almost totally missing from Italian 70s rock even with the easier-going bandsacoustic guitars or not.

It doesn’t hinder my love of the music.

Crucis – Los Delirios del Mariscal (1977)

Using various types of Symphonic goodies, this album can stand in front of all these bands from South America and shout: Instrumental Hard Rock and Mariscsl threesome The compositions are strong and dynamic with surprising breaks and the interplay between the electric guitar often spectacular wah-wah and keyboards is captivating. This LP Vinyl is new, factory sealed, unplayed, original.

Very good album, and much better than their first, which ain’t bad either. But the rhythmic section is outstanding and dramatically sustains the impeccable organ play. Count me in as a huge Spinetta fan. For me, Spinetta was indeed a very special songwriter and performer, with great harmonic and melodic sense. Not perfect, but good enough. Progressive rock, argentina, Symphonic Rock, experimental Please downvote if incorrect!


The wonderful instrumental and title track clocking at just over ten minutes is a sublime combination of guitar and keyboards. In any case a rating system fails us again as this is a very clear 3. This motif is punctuated by Marrone’s precise harmonic soloing and Kariscal inventive adornments, while the rhythm duo sustains it with clever staccato and syncopation.

Good moments, but I remember thinking it doesn’t totally hang together near the album’s end. So here i am trying to review another awesome album by this band, the first one, the self-titled album was an amazing debut, maybe i should review that first but anyway, i have started with the second one, which is called “Los Delirios del Mariscal”, and features 4 great songs with a minute lenght, a short album but here we will find a lot of quality, instead of quantity.

Actually, i dont really remember how was my first meeting with Crucis, i crucis los delirios del mariscal know who introduced me to them or why do i have suddenly an album by them, probably i was introduced by a friend crufis mine, but its strange loos i cannot remember correctly because i almost always have a personal story of how crucis los delirios del mariscal i discover a band, etc.

Is to much improvised passages and aswell this album is less dynamic then their forst one. Last edited by TCC; at There were so many magnificent things coming out of Argentina back then; Alas, M. After 7 and a half minutes, there is a clever shift that leads to a new motif, a more energetic one, which sounds almost like a soundtrack for a Western movie.


Although I had harsh things to say about their delirioz, each of those older songs makes a suitable appetiser to the more refined work they precede. Not a big fan of poetry, eitherbut every once in a while some lyrics do speak to me.

So, another fairly good album, not a weak moment here, but nothing excelent aswell, at least for me, even they iprove their sound with more elaborated passagesthe album is date it in places. Instrumental jazz and contemporary music quartet of trumpet, vibraphone, guitar, and drums.

Some good guitar after 2 minutes. The list goes on and on.

FEATURED CD: Crucis – Los Delirios Del Mariscal

See details for additional description. Originally Posted by nnknsh. The 2 on 1 CD was my first taste of Argentinean prog and I became a great fun following this discovery and dug very deep into this specific scene. A very underrated release! Regarding Crucis, Ddlirios really never had the chance to explore their records.

This is a symphonic progressive album as should be.