Applications include material-memory simulations, such as bioheating damage computations or material creep, where the material state is represented with a unique state-variable at each point in the computational volume. The picture shows a flow simulation where imported elevation data was used to represent the gap of a rock fracture. This type of plot shows the magnitude as the distance from the origin and the phase as the angle using a curve with the frequency as the parameter. All are common assumptions used to simplify the definition of a material for simulation. This example investigates the surface concentration distribution in the cell while an analyte pulse is transported through it.

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The operator lintotalpeak evaluates the maximum of an expression over all phases for a linearized solution.

Simulation Software Review: COMSOL Version a – Digital Engineering

Far-Field in a Medium RF and New Models For computing radiation patterns from antennas and 4.2s components, far-field evaluation is an essential tool. For a simulation that includes a moving mesh, a new automatic remeshing feature makes more extreme deformation states possible.

The new Join Data Set is used to compare solutions corresponding to different meshes, time steps, or parameter values. Interactive Slice and Isosurface Plots Any scalar quantity of interest can be visualized by slice plots or isosurface plots.

The Electrodeposition Module brings the power comsol 4.2a COMSOL Multiphysics comsol 4.2a electrochemical processes for such diverse applications as chrome plating in automotive industry, e-coating, electro-coloring, decorative electroplating, and electrodeposition for PCB manufacturing.

COMSOL Installation Instructions

In addition, three new model tutorials are available: This model simulates the temperature profile in a liquid-cooled battery pack. Interpolation curves are available in 4.2w 2D and 3D. A non-interactive slice or isosurface plot can be turned into an interactive by just selecting a checkbox. Homogenization in a Chemical Reactor This model illustrates how comsol 4.2a simulate a periodic homogenization process in a comsol 4.2a chemical reactor model. The Film-Damping Shell interface still exists for coupling film-damping and solid mechanics in the same way as in earlier versions using a multiphysics coupling.


Make sure Registered User is selected and then click Connect. The interface is applied to the boundary of a model and is coupled to a mass transport interface in the adjacent bulk domain. Convergence Plot for Solvers Convergence plots are now available for monitoring convergence of nonlinear, iterative, and time-dependent solvers.

The new version of the Acoustics Module has new multiphysics interfaces for thermoacoustic-solid couplings in the frequency domain for 2D, 2D axisymmetric, and 3D models. With this release, COMSOL continues to deliver on its promise to supply the science and engineering markets with the state-of-the-art simulation products for an expanding set of applications.

Topographic data from geographic information system GIS applications can comso be imported with a new Digital Elevation Map interpolation function feature with direct support for the DEM file format from U.

For the Features screen, uncheck the License Domsol at the bottom of the comsol 4.2a and any feature not needed in your course according to your instructor. Development comsol 4.2a an integrated tool able to optimize the geometric features of a door trim Using this feature, you can change the order of existing nodes or copy or duplicate nodes.

Parametric sweeps can now create Accumulated Probe Tables which enables a Probe to comzol multiparameter data to tables.

Import of External Data to Tables Import of external data is now available for tables. A new Transitional Flow interface makes it possible to model isothermal flow across the full range of Knudsen numbers from the laminar flow limit to the molecular flow limit.


This model estimates the magnetic comsol 4.2a for both surface and aerial prospecting by solving for the induced magnetization in the iron ore due to the earth’s magnetic field. The benefit is precise control over memory usage and computation time. In the Connect To Server dialog box, click smb: This fraction, the transmission probability, is computed during postprocessing.

When defining a source at infinity, the power per unit area is input. The Report Generator uses a built-in Style Sheet, but you can use a custom Style Comsol 4.2a to change the appearance of the report in a web browser. The interfaces for partial differential equations PDEs are extended with an additional set of templates for equations defined on surfaces and edges.

COMSOL Release Highlights

Cosmol Slip Flow interface is available in comsol 4.2a and 3D. An important application for the Join Data Set is to plot and evaluate the difference between two solutions in a mesh convergence study.

A swept mesh going from a surface partitioned in 5 segments to a surface of 2 segments. Beam Cross-Section Library with Common Sections The Structural Mechanics Module now features a tool for automatic computation of beam cross-section properties for a number of common cross sections when using the Beam interface. Interpolation curves can be created from tabulated x,y or x,y,z data in cmsol 2D and 3D.