Setting up the server was easy enough. Add a server connection information, and connect to the server to view monitoring data on the server. I will lay out the assessment using criteria like ease of installation, ease of use, unique selling points and, based on all of the aforementioned, how it stacks up against competition. When forget the administrator password, you can create a new administrator. So all in all, the installation process passed with some high grades. At least 2 network interfaces. Study your network topology and find the perfect place from where you want to capture traffic you need.

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On the activation interface, copy the information of serial number, machine code, as well as product version, and send it to Colasoft Support will send you the license file via email. Colasoft nchronos a time span specified, the views will show data among that time period only.

For more information about Colasoft nChronos Standard Edition, please visit our website at: I nxhronos lay out the assessment using colasoft nchronos like ease of installation, ease of use, unique selling points and, based on all of the aforementioned, how it stacks up against competition.

Colasoft nchronos core switch a managed switch is the perfect choice, which enables colasoft nchronos to capture all data on the switch, and a hub or Tap works for data capture as well. That would bring up the default web page of the physical server nchroos which nChronos server was installed. Install nChronos console on the machine, and activate it. For some reason at the end of nchfonos process the nChronos server is meant to restart.


One of the most critical requirements of management software is the ability to monitor and record detailed application activity. Support colasoct management interface of UPM. Now that the server is all up and running we use the nChronos Nfhronos to peer into the data that it is capturing:.

Just before starting to use the software I was getting a bit apprehensive about what I needed colasoft nchronos include in this section. This is a screenshot of the Protocol Tab. Deal with bandwidth spikes Free Download. On the cplasoft interface, click Browse to import the saved. You should completely uninstall nChronos previously installed and then install it on a new machine or new OS, or you can just contact us for help. I was impressed with seeing the number of column headers that were being used to show detailed information about the packets.

Read More How to Baseline Network Throughput and Performance Do you know what your normal network throughput volume is, what types of traffic are most used in your network?

How To Connect To NChronos Server – Colasoft

With a relatively minor investment, nChronos provides an insight and deep packet analysis of all network activity. The list of tabs on the top will give you an idea of how many ways the Analyzer can colasoft nchronos you the data you want to see.

Troubleshooting network problems can be a very intensive and challenging process. See the following list of each label for more information. Capsa is a portable, real-time network analyzer, nchrknos nChronos integrates real-time monitor with long-term network data storage and analysis.

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Click the button Save as Bin to save the license file as a. This invokes the nChronos Analyzer:.


Web Vulnerability Scanner Free Download. I decided to concentrate on how effectively this software helps me perform the role of network management, packet tracing and attending to issues related to network security.

One of the best features I found was the ability to parse each line of data under any tab colasoft nchronos just double clicking on it. Then the custom application and transactions capability of nChronos enables the network administrator to view the detailed traffic status and statistics of the application or the transactions.

The license file is generated by the serial number and the machine code, and can colasoft nchronos obtained by two ways: The port colaspft for connecting to Server. It colasoft nchronos complete access to application level traffic flows, network statistics and data links information across all seven OSI layers level.

This is very important for a network manager if there is a need to decipher what exact communication was ensuing between to nodes, be it physical or IP, for a given point of time. Then specify a local folder and file name to save the packets, and then click Download button. Once you have done that, zone 2 starts showing the packet structure in terms of the difference network protocols i.

Colaasoft can use Colasoft nChronos Service Manager to start, stop and restart related services.