Building manager – now you can plan your upgrades for a long time. It found the donate button pos but do nothing after. Check out the official TBC wiki! Put your email in the comment of payment, I will send you activation code. Detect local chat before donate.

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You can get the key automatically just after the payment if you use internet-shop plati. Searching TH close to the edge of base beta Release 5. hot

SaidJan’s Content – Page 4 – MyBot

I never had any problem with it in build Do not use Bluestacks fullscreen mode with the bot. Added simple spells training. I also tried BS version 0.

Adapted on new bluestacks version. Fixed bug with checking readiness of soldiers.

The bot can attack with: Clever attacking on TownHall. Originally Posted by laomark24 how to fix this issue?

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It is forever for any later version bto the bot. Here is video-demonstration of the searching proccess please turn on subtitles by the button “CC”:. Originally V5.42.2 by prokick Try an army of 13 dragons, 1 hellish hound, 16 balls, 3 accelerators, 1 rush and 1 clan spell for 11 level town hall 15 minidragons and 4 accelerators – Fixed a problem with starting the search after using the buttons for manual search and attack.


Mybot doesnt detect dead bases in Bug Reports for v5. coc bot v5.4.2.2

– Better Troops Deployment (LF Style), Fixed Train Troops

If you have it, please start the bot first, it will launch Bluestacks. Next Version will Release Tomorrow Dec 10 Added time period to coc bot v5.4.2.2 activity. For its free, it requires the installation of several dozen different applications, so the first minutes depending on the speed of your internet do not do anything in the program, because it can exit the application and restart the emulator.

Devs better to do this: Or email me the payment confirmation. Useful when Donato without an attack, as well as the extraction cups Release 5. I updated my Windwos 10 from build to and also I think one of their factors to ban people is their online time. Drop Order for custom attacks in Bot Suggestions. Optimized on different window sizes.

Clever donate on the same request few kinds of troops. To make lightning spell then drop on DE storage while attacking village? Fixed window size errors. Register for your free account! Search in background window. Turn on Aero theme. This program was created to make game easier and take an coc bot v5.4.2.2 by the others. Stats page overhaul giving much more detail as to how your bot is performing Other bugs fixed Release 5.