I just found out about a company that is getting started in filtering streaming video — http: In VidAngel , and a number of other cases, defendants have attempted to use technology to stretch the Copyright Act to the breaking point. The quality of their filtering has become worse and worse over the years, and they seem to be totally disregarding any feedback their customers are giving them. In Aereo , the defendant created a complex system to retransmit broadcast television over the Internet to individual consumers. ClearPlay continued marketing its DVD-based technology and implemented its filters on streaming services.

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Clearplay filters agree with them all. I applaud what they do, but wish they would start thinking about where they are going to be in years when they may not even sell DVD players much anymore. Users choose what content to filter in each movie, via an on-screen menu — “violence, sex and nudity” and “language” — and further customize the category. I mean, you see the problem. But so far they only really edit google play movies clearplay filters means you gotta rent them for like 4 bucks.

But the new had beta rentals for two bucks pretty much rocks. That way you can give Clearplay a plug!

Farewell to ClearPlay | Because It Matters

They are rushing them to market, based on beta testing results and early adopter feedback clearplay filters their site. Because all of these streaming services probably use different streaming methods anyone dilters anything about that??


I bought two of the new ClearPlay Blu-ray players that clearplay filters arrived today. Whereas transformative use that does not impact the market for the original often does not break the Copyright Act. Otherwise fipters those movies where it will filter sufficientlyvid angel is a nobrainer.

Imagine if the movies came with the filters developed by the studios themselves already filhers the disk. If I had patents I would want to clwarplay them, but I wonder if they ever discussed licensing the patents? What ClearPlay set out to clearplay filters is fantastic. This is because the Copyright Act limitations and exceptions often are not black and white tests.

You are right that the blu ray discs will need completely different filters. I would certainly never recommend them to anyone. The Filter files are only available from ClearPlay as a monthly or annually subscribed membership.

What is ClearPlay?

Just the other day, I was alerted to a new edited streaming company called VidAngel. About 4 years ago, I called Clearplay and asked if they were planning on releasing a blu-ray version clearplay filters their player.

I just hope hey make the Blu-ray player and streaming more affordable than their current DVD players. Better, this code can be cleearplay into the Blu Ray disc itself and triggered from the on disc menu.

Users can select which scenes and language to filter filtering. In the other example, the movie industry was persuaded to abandon legislation to regulate the design of DVD devices. I have been a Clearplay member since their RCA player came out and have upgraded clearplaay clearplay filters since then.


They should have licensed their API to content developers so they could work in tandem with them to develop filters.

The stupid cleearplay player wears out every single year and we have to buy a new one. It did not rely on licensing content for streaming, which would have meant paying the customary price and competing with others including ClearPlay for filtered films.

This original blog post was put up after more than a year of silence. How the Family Savings Act could affect employers. Clearplay filters complaint about clearplay other than the lack of bluray?

9th Circuit’s VidAngel decision vindicates lawful video filtering service

The [movie] is probably not worth watching with violence filters on as you will be left with stretches of bad dialog… With violence and disturbing filters on, you will have to fill in a few clearplay filters for yourself.

Thanks Nate for chiming in. Thanks Claerplay and JustThink for your comments.