Depending on what your goal is, it can or cannot be a suitable fit. I have loved Zumba and Jazzercise in the past but now those are too much impact. Hey Melanie, so you are the one: Thank you for that Great! Reply I have issues with my lower back and sciatica. Reply Hi Meri Thanks for the review.

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Reply I love this! Of course not- it is just there to serve as a list of healthy diet principles that you can incorporate. Starting again in 2 days. How are things going so far? You have inspired me! Take care and feel free to write us about your progress.

Cize Review – Dance Your Way to a Fitter and Leaner Body

Keep up the work. This structure makes Cize kind of revolutionary, and gives it a circuit training spin. Hi Meri, I really cize shaun t want cize shaun t try this but have some physical icze and was wondering if I could do this. That is also why I find running to be way too boring for me now. Hi Meri, Your review of this program is fantastic, really makes me want to give it a try.

I was on the fence deciding and was actually leaning towards purchasing a piece of exercise equipment, again, knowing it would be cizs fail. Whenever I felt extra energy and drive to do more, I simply played this part on repeat for a couple of cze, getting all soaked at the end.


I just tried it out, and I hard a hard time following the people on screen, but I felt like I was burning some calories while having a good time…: I feel more educated about the product and can make a better informed decision.

Cize Review – Dance Your Way to a Fitter and Leaner Body

I thought I might be able to do it with my daughters but I wanted to hear what others said about it. I really do hope I can lose weight with this program that is my goal.

And if you know what his programs are, you are familiar with the Insanity workoutThe Asylum series, the Focus T My best friend and I just tried this today and fell in love. Reply Are you losing weight?

I am turning 43 and used to be a dancer in my teens and early cize shaun t, but after marriage, kids, career, etc. All in 4 weeks of having fun. Then, as you progress with each move, just add dynamic motion. Enjoy the program ciez feel free to share or ask whatever comes to mind. Cize is easing you into dancing. I will continue the whole 4 weeks and pray to get better.


I tried to look at some other reviews but they were just other products trying to get you to buy them instead. Take care Reply I saw shqun promo commercial for this at the weekend, and it had me extremely interested. Reply Hey Mary, Cize is a cardio based workout, so worry not.

I have a lot cize shaun t weight to lose. I used to run track in high school and I was super fit. Only thing I would urge you to consider is getting in somewhat of a better shape before using extra resistance i. Cize is not customizable per se, but you can end up with a couple of options on your plate.

Thank you for the hilarious review Meri, I wish I had discovered it sooner. The workouts, all six of them, differ in length. Hey Tina, glad to hear that. Hi am ashley this seems like a good thing to do i love to dance enjoy this movie and dance video cause its good to do fun fun ….