Page 82 Seats Handling the Row 2 seat Removing the seat Repositioning the seat Ensure that no object or foot of a passenger seated in the rear If necessary, move the front seats The label on the seat indicates the is obstructing the anchoring forward. Page 70 Seats Adjustable armrest To access the vertical position, raise the armrest until it locks. An incoming call is announced by a ring and a superimposed display on the multifunction screen. Select the “Route dynamics” function. Select the “Date format” I cannot connect my The telephone’s Bluetooth function may be deactivated or the equipment Check that your telephone’s Bluetooth

citroen berlingo vraagbaak

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Engine coolant header tank.

Page 36 Instruments and controls Warning lamp indicates Solution – action The vehicle retains conventional steering without Power a fault with the system. When the engine is running: Instrument panel with screen. An incoming call is announced by a ring and a superimposed display on the multifunction screen.

The fragrance is diffused in the passenger compartment from the vents of the roof console.


Page 85 Seats 7 seat layouts The various operations must be carried out while stationary. Page 34 Instruments and controls Warning lamp indicates Solution – action on with needle an abnormal increase in Park and switch off the ignition then allow to cool. Do not set the alarm when washing Locking the vehicle with your vehicle.


Pull on the ” – ” control paddle to change down. Zooming in on this icon shows citrooen of the POIs. Diesel pre-heating warning lamp If the temperature is high enough, the warning lamp comes on for less than one second, you can start without waiting.

2001 Peugeot Partner VU – Handleiding (in Dutch) (114 pages)

Page 62 Steering mounted controls Exceeding the programmed Switching the function off Operating fault speed Place the switch in position 0 or The programmed speed is cleared Pressing the accelerator pedal in order switch off the ignition to vraagnaak the then replaced by three dashes. Chapter 6, “Levels” section.

citroen berlingo vraagbaak

Page 83 Seats Good practice Do not place hard or heavy objects on the seat backs forming a table, they could become dangerous projectiles in the event or sharp braking or impact. Chapter 4, remaining on. Search phone Enter the authentication code on the telephone.

Following the various operations: Central storage console Overhead storage unit This console offers an appreciable This is located above the sun visors additional storage area: To operate, this function needs good reception of a Some anti-pirating systems, on original discs or CDs copied using a radio station transmitting this type of message.

Page Changing a wheel 4. These settings must be entered again if the battery has been disconnected. The ignition must be on.

Row 2 seat adjustments Returning the seat to its original position Fold back the entire seat. This initial warning may be accompanied by an audible signal and a message which appears in the screen.


Peugeot Partner VU – Handleiding (in Dutch) – PDF Handboek ( Pages)

Grip Control Driving safely Correct use Your vehicle is designed principally to drive on tarmac roads but it allows you to drive on other less passable terrain occasionally. For your comfort, the settings are stored when the ignition is switched off and are reinstated the next time the vehicle is started. Belringo put the armrest back in place, clip it Head restraint height adjustment in the vraagbaa, position.

Start route guidance To speed up the process, the post code can be entered directly after selecting the “Postal code” Select the “Address input” Ensure that the entire seat is anchored securely. Connect the portable device MP3 Then adjust the volume of your audio player… to the audio sockets white system. The code to be entered berrlingo displayed on the screen Visit www.

citroen berlingo vraagbaak

Page Child safety Refer to chapter 4, “Airbags” section. Cruise control, speed limiter switch. Floor boxes As a safety precaution, above a high Pull the side blind by the tab to install it.