Return to Book Page. In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant. While they both made the occasional questionable decision, Kane’s were so consistently moronic as to fall into TSTL territory. Nobody better shoot her. Rose has enemies coming at her from every side, and she is getting to close to birth time to keep running. Piatkus Dark Legacy Christine Feehan. So she tells Dr.

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He felt the little tremor that ran through her body. He took a deep breath to steady himself while his body reacted to the sensors processing the images before retreating from the alley to jog around the buildings to come up on her building from the same side of the street.

She doesn’t “marry off” one teammate at a time and then move to the next team. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Either way, heaven or hell won’t stop him It was a great read from start to finish and I loved re-connecting with some of the older characters.

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Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, #9) by Christine Feehan

There was action from page 1. Christine feehan ruthless game heard the collective gasp from his team as they felt the shock of recognition slam into him. This is a little fsehan different from some of the other Ghostwalkers This was a decent chriztine in the series but I think I’m getting tired of it. She ducked her head, refusing to meet his eyes.


Micro-Resilience by Bonnie St. To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. I really loved the first 4 or 5 books in the series but nothing seems really new and fresh here.

Then she comes across the warrior- wounded, wanting and irresistible.

Read Ruthless Game read free novels online by Christine Feehan | Full Books

Rose has big trust issues, so it complicated things a bit. Feehan was able to keep my interest in them without the usual contrived misunderstandings and miscommunication. Rose would fight if necessary and as small as she was, she had psychic abilities and survival skills that made up for her size.

Urban warfare was a unique art. After a series of disappointing or unmemorable female christine feehan ruthless game not Feehanit was quite exciting to read a book whose heroine seemed rather remarkable.

The vampire conspiracy uncovered in Dark Carousel continues to bring chaos and destruction, as the Carpathians gather in America to fight the growing evil before it’s too late, in this next installment in the bestselling paranormal romance series.

While I chgistine the Feehan spends a cbristine of effort on getting the fight scenes right, I wish she’s gaem some of that energy on the actual romance. I can see why Rose didn’t want to give him up!


He would protect them from great distances and so far, Mack had never known him to miss.

Tags What are tags? Torture and death await her The story is long christine feehan ruthless game action, romance and a wonderful portrayal of team performance. The first few books, the powers the men had were more believable. Even though psychic supersoldiers are not exactly my favorite topic, I enjoyed reading them.

I wasn’t overly fond of Kane and Rose, they were good characters but at times I had a problem connecting with them, yet at other times there wasn’t a problem at all, which I found a little annoying. Thinking about chrixtine he was forced to do to Rose, sickened him.

Ruthless Game

His first order of business was to protect Ethan. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Sasha Provis grew up on a Wyoming ranch and thought she knew how to protect herself from predators. I also loved the way that Rose stuck to her gut feeling about Vame.