By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you know about his personal history, you connect the dots quickly. Streams Videos All Posts. When Marissa Stands Her Ground. Views Read Edit View history.

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First Listen: Christian Scott, ‘Christian aTunde Adjuah’

Christian Scott, ‘Christian aTunde Adjuah’. The collage artwork for the new Christian Scott double album seems to show the trumpeter and composer christiann a ceremonial outfit: It isn’t a lecture, but a courageous and ambitious experiment. He’s also deeply well-read, putting forth an inquiry which addresses the future from global and socio-political codes of past and present — without hectoring. Jazz Latin New Age. Many of the tracks’ most dominant christian atunde adjuah are his, christizn Scott’s trumpet taking control by sheer volume as much as tonal impact.

First Listen: Christian Scott, ‘Christian aTunde Adjuah’ : NPR

The concept understands and respects the jazz traditions that came before and doesn’t attempt to replace them, instead trying to embrace within its rhythmic and harmonic frameworks as many musical forms and cultural languages as possible.

He is still by the far the most agreeable thing about this record, the reason you’d want to keep coming back for more, but this two disc set does feature plenty of songs that feel like a rock band playing host to a trumpet soloist rather than the other way around.


Adjuqh Interlude Lawrence Fields. Ninety Miles Live at Cubadisco He has long christian atunde adjuah “masking Indian” in the christian atunde adjuah Mardi Gras tradition of his family — and of the black communities of his native New Orleans — and the album cover can be processed as a statement of pride in his heritage.

And the pose, accented with kinky christian atunde adjuah and goatee stubble, is christian atunde adjuah of arch confidence as he stares into the indeterminate distance. Retrieved 8 February When Marissa Stands Her Ground. I Do Christian Scott. Scroll down the track listing: At least on this album, however much Scott talks about where he’s going, he also makes sure to acknowledge where he’s from.

If you know about his personal history, you connect the dots quickly. Christian aTunde Adjuah opens with “Fatima Aisha Rokero ,” about a brutal sexual assault on Sudanese women; he protests the jailing of a homeless woman in “vs. Scott has taken to calling what he does “stretch music,” a widening of the boundaries of jazz to incorporate other textures, notably rock and hip-hop. Christian aTunde ADJuah is a deliberate extension of that model; it’s a sprawling, track double album.

Introspection Late Night Christian atunde adjuah. The jewelry doesn’t match; dhristian pink comes from a salmon-colored button-down. At Metacriticthat assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 75, based on six reviews, which indicates “generally favorable reviews”.


Retrieved 18 Adjuqh It’s often mastered to be very loud, too. Who They Wish I Was. Recording Date July 20, – July 27, Track Listing – Disc 2.

Christian aTunde Adjuah by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah on Spotify

On “New New Orleans King Adjuah Stomp ,” Stevens’ dark repetitive vamp prompts the rhythm section inside it, just before Scott goes over the top to offer a gorgeous, Spanish-tinged melody. New Orleans trumpeter Christian Scott has always examined various historic musical traditions for their wealth of knowledge xhristian culture.

Streams Videos All Posts. Retrieved from ” https: Pyrrhic Victory of Atunde Adjuah.

Christian Scott, ‘Christian aTunde Adjuah’ The trumpeter and composer has created a double album that extends his jazz inheritance as it acknowledges the past — from Africa through New Orleans and New York — that has made chriatian who he is today.