L’s up for them hittaz. Now, listen to all Hitta, my niggas drilling. Don’t want to see ads? Friday 30 August Monday 24 June Wednesday 24 July Tuesday 9 April

chief keef ls up for them hittas mp3

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Thursday 18 July Tuesday 16 July Sunday 22 September Friday 13 September Thursday 4 April A fr version of Last.

chief keef ls up for them hittas mp3

Friday 27 September Thursday 4 July Saturday 6 July Wednesday 25 September L’s up for them hittas. Check a bag with ten niggas. Wednesday 17 April Saturday 17 August Tuesday 30 April Monday 29 July Friday 12 April Wednesday 17 July Saturday 20 July Now, listen to uittas Hitta, my niggas drilling.

L’s is when someone hp or something bad happens to them. Thursday 9 May Sunday 8 September Monday 29 April Thursday 6 June Lil Durk Throw them L’z up for them hittaz.

chief keef ls up for them hittas mp3

L’s up for them hittaz. Tuesday 23 April Monday 12 August I’m like, damn, this shit cold–it just comes in, ‘L’s Up for them Hittas,’ I’m like, Durk killed it. Tuesday 16 April ip Monday 24 June Monday 16 September Sunday 30 June Tuesday 21 May Wednesday 7 August We caught up with Durk while he was out in LA just before signing his deal “I’m Still a Hitta,” with its standout single, “L’s Anthem,” generated enough It seems like the whole New Chicago scene is gaining a lot of visibility.