You said you love me one minute. Sunday 21 April Monday 12 August Tuesday 27 August You said you love me one minute Then your walking away You wanna hold my hand. Tuesday 30 July

chiano sky walking away

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Walking Away (Testo) – ChianoSky – MTV Testi e canzoni

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chiano sky walking away

You kiss me honey like you want me to stay Love is so hard to get but so quick to throw away You say you want me, want me That you crave me, crave me You don’t show it I know it Like a moth to a flame It’s not supposed to walkibg like this I wanna understand Wanna do what I can I feel like am needed Am needed by you CHORUS: I wanna know what it feels I wanna know like to be wanted I gotta know by you, Oh!

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chiano sky walking away

Sunday 9 June Monday 1 July You wanna hold my hand baby, but you too scared to say. Friday 5 April Tuesday 9 July Saturday 24 August