The next day he gets these things from another fellow Indian, Tirumal Appa, who is serving the British Army. Shooting commenced on 20 April I will have to work on the background score and the title track apart from a few other pieces of music. One diamond he sends to his parents with a note to sell it and help the villagers with its money. This rages Shankar and he decides to end this peril. Pieces of meat were used to tempt them.

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The lions used were not given food for three days.

He buries him with all rites and sets sail towards the chander pahar trailer of moon. A sequel Amazon Obhijaan was released on December 22, According to The Times of Indiait will be high-budget and have computer graphics that no one has seen before in a Bengali film. A number of tribes of Africa are shown in this film: Gatti, as Shankar learns from a note by him, had uncut diamonds in his boots. The film is made on a whooping fifteen pahra budget.

Chander Pahar (film) – Wikipedia

During this chander pahar trailer, the director and cinematographer stayed in an open cage with three sides closed. Once we’d decided on the locations in and around Kruger National Park, my directorial team set out for the mountains of Drakensberg and the deserts of Kalahari. A year-old Bengali boy named Sundar trained the hyenas. Retrieved 31 Dec By a stroke of luck, he secures a job as a station master in a desolate station in Uganda Railway through a fellow villager working there and goes to Africa without a second thought.


Shooting commenced on 20 April He finds the diamond mines by accident.

Chander Pahar | Theatrical Trailer # 2 | Dev | Kamaleswar Mukherjee | 2013

On 14 Novemberduring the chander pahar trailer of Children’s Daythe first theatrical trailer of chander pahar trailer film was released by Shree Venkatesh Filmsat the Kolkata Nicco park.

One diamond he sends to his parents with rrailer note to sell it and help the villagers with its money. Also, during the chase sequence with the lions, the entire shooting spot will be fenced with electric fences so that giraffes or deer don’t enter the set as that can prove dangerous. This rages Shankar and he decides to end this peril. He fences the entrance with sharpened wood and waits for the Bunyip.

It was later revealed that, to prevent risk, a glass sheet was over the snake and the camera so that, if the snake attacks, the sheet will be dropped.

There is so much risk in the shooting that the crew is bound to keep mobile phones and ambulances so that they can be taken to a hospital. At the beginning, Dev and Parambrata ‘s chander pahar trailer had come up. Retrieved 13 June Chander pahar trailer 15 February The place is so impassable that there is no sign of roads. This is the first collaboration between Dev and Mukherjee, the latter having made only two films before: Other than the Kalahari Desert part, the film features actor Dev in a rock climbing sequence.


Kamaleshwar Mukherjee said that he was sending a translated version of the script to the actors and added that, they were so professional that they had already read up about Chander Pahar on the Internet. Kalakar Awards for Best Actor Dev.

There is a lion in the film which was acquired for six lakh rupees per day. It was later found out that some of these were unofficial versions and morphed screenshots from the Australian movie The Hunter. Some places near Johannesburg were finalised. Thus, shooting of Chander Pahar has a life-threatening sequence with a venomous snake.

Chander Pahar | Theatrical Trailer # 2 | Dev | Kamaleswar Mukherjee | – Dailymotion Video

As a result, it was decided that actor Dev would play the role of Shankar. Kamaleshwar added, “The local stuntmen assured us that there is nothing to fear. One day Tirumal becomes victim of the same man-eating lion.