Review Download Video as MP4. Chanalyzer Pro and Chanalyzer for Mac provide administrators with a quick and easy method of Wi-Fi troubleshooting. Feature Comparison against other software Click on the link to see the difference between Chanalyzer Pro and other software. The screenshot above is currently set scanning on the 2. The sweep spectrogram captures data and is displayed in 5 minute intervals as seen in the timeline on the left hand side. Another example seen is when a Microwave oven close to an access point is turned on.

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Exports reports into PDF format for emailing or printing. Chanalyzer pro clearly increase noise in neighbouring channels when very close to a transmitter. See how bad the interference was – when it occurred. The interference can be seen by the green line at time Find and Identify sources of Interference. This version is a paid software i.

The screenshot above is currently set scanning on the 2. Home Products Chanalyzer Software Chanalyzer 5. You can download a day trial.

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The X axis will now change from displaying frequencies to channel numbers. If you can see it, you can do something about it.

The sweep spectrogram captures chanalyzer pro and is displayed in 5 minute intervals as seen in the timeline on the left hand side. Chanalyzer Pro Wireless troubleshooting goes beyond packet capture. This disappears as soon as the Microwave oven has been turned off.


Download a sample report.

The top half viewing chanalyzer pro display is your overall overview that displays the amplitude – xhanalyzer is known as the duty cycle. It shows I believe the side-lobes produced from a strong 2. The Wi-Spy configuration window will pop up allowing you to choose which channel band you wish to analyse.

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Chanalyzer pro bottom section of the application displays the Wi-Fi network table that shows a list of available networks.

Build a report very quickly with the Report Builder that you can present to clients, or keep for a summary of what happened while you were on site Download a sample report Device Identification: Skip to main content. This combination of hardware and software license is used in conjunction with Chanalyzer 5.

This is displayed as a waterfall where you can see a series of time stamps or it chanalyzer pro also be viewed as sessions that were saved from previous captures.

The screenshot below shows the Wi-Fi environment from an open plan office space that has three wireless access points. You are also able to select an earlier time from the timeline window on the left hand side of the application screen. Discovering a transmitting device is as easy as selecting a frequency range in Chanalyzer and following a line. Survey and categorize captures with Session Manager.


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Microwave ovens tend to affect the full frequency ranges and as you can see on the timestamps the interference lasted for one minute in this waterfall view. Many an hour can be saved by just chanaylzer the environment for interference. Chanalyzer 5 displays RF data from Wi-Spy spectrum chanalyzer pro, showing activity and interference in the 2.

Chanalyzer Pro identifies devices in the spectrum, helps you track them downand produces customizable Wi-Fi reports.

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To use Chanalyzer for Mac first download and install the software from the above link. As the Chahalyzer pattern signature is enabled from the Signatures tab above you can see below that there is a strong presence of Bluetooth across all channels Chaanlyzer can adjust the length of time using the time span controls, which increase or decrease the length of time you are viewing.

These chanalyzer pro views make it easy to choose a quiet channel. View a single channel in high resolution Increase 5GHz