You’ll be able to play it with any video player on your computer. Check that the painter is made fast to a secure point and that the sea below is clear BOTI A What shall a rescue person use if he has to jump into the water in order to assist a survivor? The Nautical App you’ve been waiting since quite a lot, easy,simple and at your fingertips. Ports in exposed position shall be closed and properly battened before the ship leaves the quay or berth. Fabricate a conical guide from tin plate or similar with the large diameter just bigger than the compressor piston so the rings can be eased open for fitting.

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How often shall crew members participate in fire drills?

We will promptly evaluateyour input and make the appropriate updates. A rocket parachute flare reaches an altitude of not less than m Page 1 of Version 1.


Which of the aggregate states have fixed volume, but not any fixed form. During coffee break the following precautions are taken: First aspect confirm death. Revjewer which document would you record that the gangway is properly rigged? CDVT A Which of the following is not a mean of ensuring the avaibility of equipment maintenance methods?


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Have all scuppers plugged APGN A After closing the drain during the blowing procedure for a glass water gauge, the water cock is opened and the water flows to the top of the glass. Calculate the equivalent resistance R S of the two resistances.

A deck officer or certificated person shall be placed in charge of each survival craft ces 4.1 deck reviewer be used. What is the main benefit obtained by use of an emitter follower? ARSY A What would be the most probable cause of an increase in cooling water temperature for all cylinders of a diesel engine? The diesel speed and excitation current.

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This app requiresno permissions. Watch simple and engaging video lectures on all topicsfrom our expert IAS faculty. To relieve excessive high pressure in the cylinder to protect the engine from being damaged FWFP A What do you understand by: Which instrument would you install?

FXYP A What is the name of the reference manual, jointly produced by the International Maritime Organization and the Ces 4.1 deck reviewer Civil Aviation Authority, css currently outlines the organization and management of search and rescue activities at sea?

Page 23 of Version 1. What will happen to the position of the “pivot point”?

To store quantities of oil at working pressure on the discharge side of reviewr pump and smooth out any pressure fluctuations. What is the normal slow down temperature for the main bearing metal “Oil outlet temperature”?


This app helps you to learn the vessel lights as prescribed by theInternational Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. Speak English with confidence!

The more you enjoylearning, the more and quicker your skills will develop.

ces 4.1 deck reviewer free download

Unknown July 25, at 1: The deck for the lifeboats. The skin and slimhinner become very dry and there is a sweet taste of the breath. Fabricate a conical guide from tin plate or similar with the large diameter just bigger than the compressor piston so the rings can be eased open for fitting.

Posted by Seafaring PH at 9: Discharge the washing to shore reception facilities only?

Prevention of Pollution by Sewage from ships. What minimum length of painter will you have to pull out pulled out in order to get the liferaft inflated N. Atmosphere is not combustible in either situation.