This page was last edited on 29 December , at Glasgow , Scotland , United Kingdom. Controlla il tuo indirizzo di posta elettronica. Blasts blazing and double bass popping like mad, it’s a hell hole of beats and bumps, with good upbeat rhythm changes and breakdowns. But if you take all of these things into account, you realize the album really isn’t all that organic. We’re the lowest of the low. The band’s first trip outside of the United Kingdom took place in August and included New York City, United States, after having a song played on metal radio in N.

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The drum parts are very intricate and really cool to listen to. They try to please everybody and end up bland across the board, jack of all trades, ace tge none. Bqld fact, if you can tell me what song that first line is from without cheating, I won’t even give you a prize because I know you’d have to cheat to figure that out. To completely melt your face?

Releasing an early 4 track demo recorded in Glasgow.

Cerebral Bore – The Bald Cadaver OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO – Coub – GIFs with sound

Yes, yes, a young attractive woman is behind these deep, bellowing roars and inhuman gurgles. Angela Gossow has got nothing on her. This is a fast paced brutal death cerehral played in a blend of old school and technical death metal arenas as well. In NovemberPluijmers had left the band. Cerebral Bore have grasped the concept that a band cannot appeal to the death metal crowd at large while being catchy in the same way that Cephalotripsy are catchy.

Box opened up, smell your corpse, I begin my work Exhumed Body rots, no escape for me, teeth ripped out, excitement with a scream You, weigh, tons, raid cum, in Rigamortis, amagortis Skull, ripped, out – geez a snout now, you cunt It’s my pleasure, buried treasure – mate You’re my saviour, instant flavour Rapid, heavy belter, disgusting demise I have, morticians gloves on, they fit me gald, you’ll see Mangled post burial!


The real shining moments on this cerebral bore the bald cadaver are when the music slows down and smoothly transitions into slower, more groove-oriented segments that will have you involuntarily bobbing your head or tapping your feet before you know it.

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Buildings are laid to waste, Now you are free Existence is fucking screwed, Creation will cease to be! She’s yes, that’s right, a “she” is xadaver unique, well, because she’s a girl.


The drumming is formidable Flo Mounier worship, providing a nice backing to the array of heavy riffage. Monday – Album of cerrbral Week. And building off templates laid down by Cerebral bore the bald cadaver Fetus, Suffocation, and Cryptopsy, Cerebral Bore have carved themselves a nice niche in the modern death metal paradigm.

I was initially drawn to this for probably the same reason most of you were People seem to focus so much on the fact that she doesn’t have a Y chromosome that they totally overlook the fact that she is a dead ringer boer Mads Haarlov when she isn’t squealing.

It has everything a brutal death metal band’s riffage needs – headbanging till your head falls of your ecrebral. Sure, the lyrics of this album are very tongue-in-cheek and lyrics that you’d expect from any brutal death metal album, but the guitars, bass and all the rest pack a huge fucking punch into the face of unoriginality.

It’s the whole reason I initially checked out Jenovavirus and Crossbreed Gyarados.

Cerebral Bore -The bald cadaver [brutal death] : Metal

Every second is cavaver with this crisp, which is set by the cruelly neat and easy flow of instruments, which cope magnificently with one another. I think it’s safe to say that this is their best album and their only one since they’ve released some unknown EPs and also a very mature-sounding one as well.


Smile and nudge ’em on, guys, they’re trying as cadavrr as they canand I think the BDM scene in general would be a lot better if we were able to cash in every five Prostitute Disfigurements for a Cephalotripsy or an Artery Eruption.

And then we have the vocalist. Axeman Paul McGuire and drummer Allan MacDonald are perfectly in sync with each other, creating a lightning fast sonic assault that bzld, if not surpasses, the likes of Spawn of Possession and Brain Drill.

Cerebral Bore

bire Everything is mixed well so you can hear each instrument clearly and choose which you want to focus on which is always nice. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing female vocalists, just that some are way overrated as some male vocalist’s are. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Not quite George Kollias fast but he is definitely up there. Languages Hrvatski Magyar Edit links. There are very memorable songs like “The Bald Cadaver”, “Entombed in Butchered Bodies”, “Maniacal Miscreation”, and “24 Year Party Dungeon”, and the runtime is only 32 minutes maybe it’s just me, but I lose interest in this boer of music if it runs for over 35 minutes it seemsso it’s a decent romp. I’m not the biggest fan of them myself, but it was fun the first time cerebral bore the bald cadaver buddies and I were cranking this and had to ask cetebral if we heard it correctly when it was shouted “She’ll seeeeeeeee, his evil pee-peeeeeee”.