One thing to note though is that after shutdown, the blades slow at about the correct rate to start with but then slow much quicker as the RPM gets lower. Within the sim you get six real world liveries on the same model. Overall, the lack of cockpit sounds is very disappointing but the sounds of the aircraft while the blades are turning are very good. Posted October 7, Posted April 5,

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The sound files for shutdown certainly sound like PT-6 engines shutting down and my only criticism is that the sound files are too pronounced above the sounds of cwrasim rotor systems.

Register a new account. Interestingly there are no emergency procedures or anything about single engine performance. Well done cerasim bell 412, a fair review in my opinion.

cerasum The tail rotor gearbox and blade animation is pretty good. I did use ENB series on the first set of screen shots to just show how well this aircraft can look, the non-ENB ones for comparison come in later. AC power for the aircraft is provided by two inverters with an option for a third as a redundancy and the model has these modelled about cerasim bell 412 accurately as they could be.


Flew a few patterns without any probs. It can be installed and used, but some of the sounds are missing.

Review: Cera Sim Bell 212 for FSX

With various conversion kits available now days, I think the Bell will be flying for a few years yet. The start-up procedure can be almost exactly replicated in the sim.

The repaints are as accurate as the photos allowed. I followed these instructions. Even when empty, the aircraft seems to use belll lot of power to get off the ground.

– Review: Cera Sim – Bell For FS

The Cera Sim Bell has been released for quite some time and it was somewhat of a bit release at the time it came out. Donate to our annual cerasim bell 412 fund. If you leave it for a length of time though the sound winds down again and the process repeats.

I get about FPS without the ENB shader, and with that enabled, I usually get around 20, which is pretty good for the amount of detail you get from this add-on.

FSX Cera Sim Bell 412 Three Pack

xerasim I had to reformat my new computer due to an issue I caused. The same warnings as usual, remember The interior speaks for itself. The rotor blades do tend to droop down when the helicopter is cold and dark, which is accurate, as the rotors on such a helicopter would be quite long, and susceptible to the effects of gravity.


Google search will be your friend to help you out. The aircraft has a dual battery system and on the model, bringing up either battery lights up the electrical system. Lockheed FG Starfighter Sqn. The textures are starting to look a little dated inside and out but are still perfectly adequate.

Cera Sim – Bell EP

Images related to this file: More articles by Nick Bates. Cera Sim Review Author: The transmission whine really cerasim bell 412 the experience for me. For AI use only. At ceraaim I am unable to perform a Cat A departure.

Both are great choppers and they are native P3D2 models. Already have an account? This came about due to the choice of power plant being of Canadian origin. The Cat A See above performance numbers for the are reported at lbs for the above profile and a mere lbs belp a vertical departure.