Taylor Swift – Clean. Haku Yowane – Calalini. Hans Zimmer – Chant. Chillum – Sun Shine. Lenuta Ungureanu – Ce minunat. Outlandish – callin you. Colin Hay – Overkill acoustic version.

celma ribas comando mp3

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I got you all in check I make her Woo-hah! Money talks and I’m about to send a invoice to them boys Yeah I’m tried of this bullshit, I’m wilding, I’m too lit I aim at yo toothpick, leave yo brains in yo boo tits Yeah, I’m tied up with feds, put some guap on yo head Now they can’t find your body, like the sock in the conando This is it, boy, you done dug yourself a hole That’s a pit, boy, that’s where I shit, boy Uh, type of a nigga that’ll slap you with the tooley-o It ain’t about what you smoke, it’s about who you smoke My homeboy Hoody, yo, velma real moody, yo I tell him no bullet folks, he still rlbas it tho’ They give you a funeral, you won’t be viewable When Tunechi come thru’ the door, them hoes get super soaked Now do you really wanna party with me?

Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Lenuta Ungureanu – Ce minunat. Che MD – Libertatea fara de drept. Outlandish – Callin U. comand


celma ribas comando mp3

Clan – Rat Race. Colonia – Ti i ja. Puffin’ on that stuff, eyes low than Connie Chung They don’t fuck with us cuz they know that we not the ones Boy, we got them guns, scare the holy shit out the nuns Yo, it’s young money, my nigga, you know we bout to bust And everybody armed, more armed than Octopus Write my name on my cups, so nigga know not to touch Every time I bust a rhyme, another one bites the dust Tunechi! Canned Heat – Various mp3 track.

Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ (Remix)

Ana Barbu – Ce minunat. Clooney – Shout out. Luchini falling from the sky Let’s get rich what?

celma ribas comando mp3

C Note – Green Tree. Chillum – Sun Shine. Colin Hay – Overkill acoustic version. Jean Jacques Goldman – Comme toi.

Comando MP3 Song Download- Fantástico Comando Song by Celma Ribas on

C I A Unde e ea – Various mp3 track. Cleen – The Voice Radio Version.

celma ribas comando mp3

Colonia – Na tvojoj strani postelje. Cause I put yo fuckin’ brains all on the dashboard You not in my fuckin’ lane you on the crash course And if you feelin’ froggy leap, I’m kidnapping yo tadpoles I can’t remember the bitch name I fucked after my last show When I say my cash low, I’m just telling a bad joke Long hair, don’t care, no shirt like Fabio Little nigga dreadlocks with a dick with an afro Woo-hah!


Clan – War Paint. Louis Prima – Che La Luna. Cmando – The Voice Radion Version. Haku Yowane – Calalini.

Celma ribas commando download free

Anastasia Lazariuc – ce minunat. Stand High Patrol – Commando.

Lokumu Eza Ya Yo. Cleen – The Voice Extended Version.

Boy, I been rich since 95′ Where you been boy? Sancak Erdal Toprak – Cennet. Modjo – Chillin original extended. Vili Dula – Ce minunat.

Celma ribas commando download free

Colin Hay – Melbourne Song. Clan – Irish Rover. Pete Yorn Scarlett Johansson – Clean.