Air Farce’s Alan Park and funny guy Simon Rakoff go head-to-head in a discussion about human rights commissions. Comedians Shaun Majumder and Nile Seguin take a hilarious look at the cultures that come together in our country. Next up, Calgary comics Brad Muise and Cory Mack mix it up “old school” as they debate the merits of attending one’s high school reunion. Up next, comedian and nature lover Jen Grant tries to prove to supercilious cynic John Beuhler that Canadians should do everything they can to save endangered species. Montrealers Derek Seguin and Sugar Sammy debate whether Quebec’s reasonable accommodation of minorities has gone too far. Alberta funny man Andrew Grose tries to convince penny-pinching Maritimer Nathan Macintosh that it isn’t nifty being thrifty.

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Comedian Teresa Pavlinek tackles that age-old question, trying to convince funnyman John Wing that when it cbc debaters to wrinkles, sags and senility, females fare better than males. Funny Mommy, Kate Davis and stand-up Amanda Brooke Perrin debate whether it’s a good idea for parents to be friends with debxters children. Belleville Quebec Nation: Deborah Williams and Diana Frances tackle this topic.


Comedians John Wing and Deb Kimmet take on this debate. cbc debaters

Who ages better – men or women? Also on the show degaters, Star Trek vs. Are family vacations good vacations? Rebecca Kohler and Ivan Decker debate.

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Next up, internet developer and comedian Jamie Ollivier tries to convince a skeptical Allyson Smith that online dating is a great way to meet that special someone. Also on the show, Ancestry. Should we be able to use the miracles of modern cosmetic surgery to repair, replace or enhance the bits of ourselves we don’t like? To which Maureen says, ya right Taped in Thunder Bay. Former teachers Paul Cbc debaters and Jeffrey Yu square off over whether teachers are under-appreciated. Graham Clark and Cory Mack debate the merits of handmade stuff.

Then John Wing and Dean Jenkinson debate the merits of folk music. DeAnne Smith Spy vs. Also on the show, Cowtown. Moustache trasher DeAnne Smith tries to convince ‘stache supporter Mark Little that the furry facial ornament will never grow on her.

Next up, half-man half-gorilla comedian Mel Silverback a. Is it the best way to unwind? Next up, Montreal comic David Pryde battles Latin American-born Martha Chaves on the topic of vacations to developing nations and whether these tequila-soaked, sun-seeking expeditions cbc debaters more harm than good.


The Debaters – Wikipedia

After that we’re talking bribery. Taped at the Capitol Theatre in N. The live audience ultimately decides who cbc debaters the debate, based on a mix of “funny and fact”, by applauding for the performer they thought did the best job. Is mystery in a relationship a good thing?

Allyson Smith Online Dating. Rae Military Spending: The Debaters celebrate dads this cbc debaters as cbc debaters father David Pryde tries to convince Star Wars fan and Dark Lord devotee Greg Morton that even though he did try to get his son to join the family business, Darth Vader remains the worst dad of all time.

Darren Frost Beauty vs. John Wing and Derek Seguin take on this debate. Is small talk a waste of time? Rae Immigrants Fitting In: Charles Demers Diefenbaker vs.