I’ll also send you a special backer-only digital book PDF with special cat pictures and developer commentary. What cat doesn’t like to collect things? In each house, you start in a locked room and make messes in rooms to unlock adjacent ones. Do total jerkstore asshole cat things. A game for you and one for your cat! Let’s talk about all the new features and content that will be going into the game thanks to your support! Another risk with this game is underestimating how long it may take to add certain features and content to the game.

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This project is actually very low risk! No thanks, continue to download Catlateral Damage.

Also available on Steam & PS4!

You also get to catlateral damage lunch with me and the folks at Fire Hose Games! Browse ccatlateral Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Tons of new objects to topple! Description Catlateral damage Damage is a first-person destructive cat simulator where you play as a cat on a rampage, knocking as much stuff onto the ground as possible. Because this is a game about cats you have to pay an extra dollar for this, and I expect you to submit an unflattering, silly picture of your dog.


Escalation, and Galactic Civilizations Catlatefal Do you love cats?

cqtlateral If for any reason they are unable to continue the project, I’m sure the team at Fire Hose Games catlateral damage handle it! What do you expect? Pay What You Want Adventures, sourcebooks, maps, decks, and more! Send us a photo of your cat and it catlateal appear as a framed poster or picture in-game. They will be providing marketing, additional development, and other resources on top of the work I’ll be doing on the game. Install now to protect your privacy.

As a player you’ll catlateral damage access to lots of user generated content! Let’s hit this goal and you can find out! You can get as many extra copies as you’d like, just increase by the appropriate amount.

Catlateral Damage

By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. More cats and special abilities: Here’s another limited early version because it was so popular. San Andreas Solve your problems with this patch. Adventures, sourcebooks, maps, decks, and more!


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Some in-game effects may be problematic for some players. As you play the game more you’ll unlock different cats, with different special abilities. Includes full game soundtrack. Hunt around for secret objects or maybe just cat toys you vatlateral previously lost? Like other first-person games, you can walk catlateral damage look around, jump, and crouch.


Eitan will periodically catlateral damage you pictures of the cat, and you are invited to come and hang out with him or her when you are in Boston. Reward no longer available backers. We’ve teamed up with lots of awesome publishers for our newest bundle! Send us an unflattering, silly photo of your dog and it will appear as a framed poster or picture in-game.

Indie Statik’ s Chris Priestman reviewed catlateral damage alpha release of Catlateral Damage as “a fun little game about making a mess. I started creating Catlateral Damage last year. Check out the FAQ.