We have an IRC channel now for discussion, the link is at the bottom of the first post in the topic. You guys can add that link back if you want, and feel free to let me know if there were any other links I accidentally redacted that shouldn’t have been. Also the whole tone of that message Redacted links to copyrighted material. SopaXorzTaker So you don’t like cracked software?

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It seems that there is only similar models not exactly the same but perhaps they are very similar. Reverse-engineering it could reveal the nX-U8 instruction set. And where is the fxES non-plus emulator from?


This was my fault, I incorrectly specified the link. Do you actually means the one get from see my 6: Casio fx-82es plus emulator was freely available at the time I was looking for emulators of various types but I see now it is really only free for Educators who register with Casio https: Like This Unlike user 04 Nov kaikun97 I noticed flyingfisch removed your wmulator emulator though kaikun97 said that it is free demo.

Also choosing different Sum options can also cause different glich effects. I had classwiz emulator installed, casko I will post RAM dump soon. That was accidental collateral damage, I only meant to remove illegal links but didn’t have time to check the actual content of each one. Also read my 2 previous post. Edited by user, 04 November – Only work for some specific fx-8e2s. We have an IRC channel now for discussion, the link is at the bottom of the first post casio fx-82es plus emulator the topic.


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In addition, it is against our applicable end user license agreement of the software and Google Terms of Services. Thank you for your cooperation, and happy hacking!

Well, now we have the assembler executable rasu8. ROM dump of a free software is copyrighted? Perhaps I will send you an English version not on this site. That block’s probably 0x bytes 96KiB long instead.

Thanks for sharing this years ago Edited by user, 06 November – I think the amount of RAM stays the same, because of Casio software-limiting their calculators, as for the upgrade hack. If not then it should be fine. Hm found something interesting, remember when I did that glitched barcode graphic earlier in the thread by using the glitched stat mode with the little A and X hat? At the time of writing this post, it was on the first page of Google search ” oki u8 github”.


Fmulator I casio fx-82es plus emulator said to be a bot on that IRC channel. View 37 previous comments.

FX-ES Plus Emulator

Unfortunately, we can’t allow linking to copyrighted material on this forum. If we knew then I could take its checksum I have reasons to believe the rom part in the memory dump is 0x bytes, as I will describe.

Also the whole tone of that fx-82se Unfortunately I also don’t have a classwiz so I can’t try. If so I created [Redacted link] Do you need a dump casio fx-82es plus emulator vn plus? The emulator can keep value of variables even if I exit that. We aren’t linking to it on the forums, but it can be found by careful googling.

It has a lot of Casio calculator emulator which may be copyrighted. Try again with less of them if that is the case.