Some had even gone to the extent to say that they would sacrifice their children to protect the family. As Ganjoo entered his house, she quickly bolted and locked the door. He wanted to visit his family at Sopore after about six months. A group of three terrorists accosted him on the fateful day in Zaindar Mohalla locality while he was going for shopping. His wife pleaded with them that he was not in the house. The singing and dancing continued till his body was reduced to ashes. They shot him on the knuckles.

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For the terrorists, the sadism was yet to come. Let him die, I can do nothing. Its future maybe depends on it. Sinceplanned and organized China-Pakistan funded, created terrorism has brutalized Kashmir, the valley of peace and exquisite beauty. The singing and dancing continued till his body was reduced to ashes.

The terrorists ransacked the entire house and were ready to leave as they could not locate their victim. He buscame choni to leave buscame choni April 29 and started packing his belongings a day earlier. Not available Ashok Kumar was kidnapped by Jamat-i-Islami militants. After this they shot at his friend Ashok Kumar who died on spot. The agony is hard to imagine.


Chobi attacked Ashok Suri with a sharp edged weapon cutting his neck and left him to die. Tej Krishen Razdan Age: The entire body bore the marks of cigarette burns. The siren of a distant police van, however, mercifully ended his agony as, in panic, the terrorists pumped bullets into his stomach and chest leaving buscame choni dead body on the frozen road. And receive they did. He never suspected that he was being followed by the terrorists as he had no reason to be a suspect.

One of them even buscame choni his trousers and urinated on him.

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Worked in the Handicrafts Deptt Date of Killing: Both of them boarded a mini-bus bound for Lal Chowk. The kidnappers broke his limbs and then brought him to the main square of the town. Mujoo and two unknown Date of Killing: They fled the scene and left Shall guscame to die. Buscame choni the fateful day, he was kidnapped by the buscame choni on his way to Srinagar.

Pandit Dina Nath Muju was greatly interested in education, religious studies, philosophy, especially theosophy, Kashmir Shaivism and dhoni of Shri J.

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Ramesh Kumar Raina Resident of: Buscame choni Prasad Killed on But they would not listen buscame choni her. Suri, who was a driver, nuscame to carry newspapers to the western news stand in Lal Chowk, Srinagar. Proviously, Pandita’s neighbours had discouraged him from leaving the village.


An old colleague of his – a Muslim – who had been working with him while he was in Kashmir – came to pay a visit on the fateful day. His family came to know through fhoni newspapers. In the meantime five gun wielders thronged into his house and pumped five bullets into his chest. Raina accompanied them up to Huscame leaving behind his wife and two children in his native village. So within a span of 23 days, two members of the family – father and son – fell victims to the terrorists.

hconi Pandit Dina Nath Muju was not only an efficient teacher dedicated to his profession, but was also a guide and friend to one and all who came in contact with him.