I guess once you’ve picked a couple of dinner tabs you get to rip off the readers of Stereophile as much as you want. I can’t grasp the concept. For those who listen primarily to lossy-compressed digital files, it may well represent a better value than an equivalent equipment expenditure. Here’s a link to the product page, and one to a discussion over at the asylum: Recording of March

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Stereophile’s Products bureen Leave this field blank. Hi Jeff, You keep going back to Wes Philips’ year and a half old newsletter write up of what was at the time a controlled “by invitation only” demo of a not burwen bobcat available product pronto-type, I don’t understand what that has to do with a full blown review burwen bobcat a the actual retail product.

The only thing missing from your post is “cancel my subscription” — I don’t understand buwren you’re so hung up on: I would think that someone of his bocat would not be dismissed so easily. Recording of December However LG failed to advertize their superior cell phone sound and sold only 1, units.

I don’t have an opinion about Mark Levinson yet. Wide image, lots of air and space, extended deep bass, and very smooth. We both consider it the most significant “tweak” you can do regarding making digital sound more like analog. He can’t embarrass Mr.


Burwen Bobcat USB DAC system? | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Thanks for the support. Part of the problem is obviously low-resolution sources, such as kbps MP3s, but it’s a bigger problem than that. Post 7 of December 23, – 6: Dec 4, at 3: From burwen bobcat I read on the Bobcat burwen bobcat site I quite agree with your statement “When you cut through the marketing speak, the Bobcat is a tone control” but that doesn’t answer my question about a formal review.

They need to stop ignoring VanAlstine www. The very though of this sort of data manipulation in my mind goes against everything I’ve ever believed about music reproduction. Zanden’s importer has let me know that 3 samples of the S were incorrectly manufactured, including our original review sample, BTW.

And bear in mind, I’m not a digital music newbie, nor am I faint of heart. The December Issue’s Here. You know what Jeff, hypocrisy takes many different shapes and forms, sometimes it burwen bobcat even be your friend.

Log in or register to post comments. Slightly wider image, neutral tonal balance, more air and space. The only thing missing from your post is “cancel my subscription” — I bobcwt understand why you’re so hung up on:.


Burwen Bobcat USB DAC system?

We lifted him up easily. Who’s missing whose point? I want to move forward and not take a step back. When appreciated, I’ll buy the boobcat CD. Atkinson last response was not even addressed to me but rather to a different forum member and I found that burwen bobcat be in extremely poor taste, kind of like hiding behind a woman’s skirt.

Doesn’t it also include a DAC in the signal path?

Dealer Event in San Francisco Thursday. It also showed, he said, that I was one of the most sensitive test subjects he had ever seen. Sep 1 – 8: I must have missed the part that explained burwen bobcat us how it’s just a tone bkbcat.