Tuesday, January 27, at 9: Those delicate falsetto croons before the guitar outro seem to serve the singer returning to rest as the droning enters. Is one of the guys standing at the mike, making inhaling sounds throughout the choruses? Teenage Victory Songs Weezer: This song is essentially what Maladroit should have been. Also, there appears to be a sort inhaling sound effect on the instrumental chorus — stoner humor, perhaps. Friday, January 21, at

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Waiting and waiting wrote:.

Sunday, September 20, at 4: I wish the guys would channel their inner jam band more often, because Burnt Jamb is so much fun to listen to.

Thursday, July 24, at 6: When I heard the Pixies for the first time, I connected with that band so heavily that I should have been in that band— or at least a Pixies cover band. There are plenty of good songs sinceboth in demo and studio form, and they have no excuse not to be working harder to make their concerts burndt jamb musically compelling gig.


How many people have a tour in honor of their new album, and then proceed to barely even play it. Very quiet, very unintelligible. burndt jamb

Weezer – Burndt Jamb Lyrics | MetroLyrics

And I consider myself very much a novice bassist…. Tuesday, January 25, at Thursday, July 24, at Friday, August 22, at 8: I just went back and listened to that live version — I had forgotten how much I love this song. According to Brian in the interview, Rivers picked up a can of Pringles and read the ingredients to the tune of the song. Thursday, October 28, at Water running over the singer? Sunday, October 24, at 2: I think that just as burndt jamb process effects perceptions of this song, the process pretty much killed the reception to a really great album, Maladroit Possibilities excluded.

Monday, July 28, at 8: Sunday, October 24, at 7: Monday, January 17, at Burndt jamb, November 7, at 5: Are they taking a shower? The half exception is Slave, I think it might have been better to play it slower, like in the Glenn Sound version.


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For a long time Burndg had no idea what they should be and would make them up as the band rehearsed. A girl who left?

Posted on Thursday, July 24,at The riff really burns in my opinion. Those delicate falsetto croons before the guitar outro seem to serve the singer returning to rest as the droning enters.

It almost sounds like radio interference. Monday, December 28, at Tuesday, July 29, at burnt Thursday, October 28, at 2: Wednesday, October 20, at 2: Tons of versions of this song are in circulation.