The output data file can contain data or be empty. Key Number to Use For Create. They have a committed and loyal developer-base and according to company literature, they remain fully committed to the product. The key begins at byte 30 of the record and is 10 bytes long. Displays copyright information and the product version number.

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Allocation is set to pages. To specify which key values are excluded from the index, see the next two controls.

Btrieve File Utility

If the record btrieve utilities exceeds the maximum page size minus overhead, the engine turns on record compression. CopyLoadRecoverand Save. Permits read access without an owner name with data encryption. This is applicable only if the file type is MicroKernel-compatible.

This parameter has btrieve utilities effect if sourceFile does not contain record compression. The owner name to clear. Inversion 6. Retrieved 2 March Reads data sequentially from a data file and writes the results to an unformatted file. The record length of the standard data file you specify must be compatible with the records in the ASCII file. Therefore, unless you have a compelling reason to use the linked duplicates method, you should use repeating duplicate indexes for databases that are updated btrieve utilities a concurrent environment.


You cannot run separate copies of the database engine within two or more terminal sessions.

Btrieve – Wikipedia

utklities Recovers data from damaged Btrieve file to clone of the damaged file. If omitted, the default database is assumed. Btrieve was totally rewritten, and on 1 July Btrieve 6.

Set default options including data path, dictionary location, and default view. Specifies whether the file uses blank truncation on variable records to conserve disk space. Table 74 Commands to Import and Export Data.

Figure 26 Statistics Report Dialog Box.

Btrieve development tools

If the file is extended, the utility checks for files with the same name as the potential unformatted extension files. In the early years, DOS versions up to version 5 sold for a relatively high price, on the order of USD 1, but the executable Terminate-and-Stay-Resident TSR database engine file could be distributed with applications without payment of any license fee.

Because these buttons control key specifications for a file you want to create, you cannot use them to operate on keys in an existing file. Turns on page compression for outputFile provided btrieve utilities following conditions are true: Use this utility if you prefer a command-line interface or if you want to start or stop continuous operation.


The btrieve utilities figure exemplifies the bgrieve of storage space saved using linked duplicate indexes. The size of a Ufilities data file can be larger than the operating system file size limit.

Goldstar Software Utilities

By using one or more collating sequences, you can sort keys as follows:. Just take a look at a few of BUtility’s powerful features: All of the utilities in this package are provided as-is, without warranty or technical support.

The default is Y. InPervasive Software released Pervasive PSQL v11, which allows users to take full advantage of multithreading for faster database processing. Existing Key Numbers in Data File. Doug became the vice-president and handled software development, Btrieve utilities became the president of the company.