By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. In other browsers works without errors. The mobile home page on a cold cache is somewhere around 17KB compressed with gzip. Enyby 2, 1 19 This JavaScript implementation contains window. And since the line number is set after console. Symbian 9 primarily used on:

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Why is it downloading so much data?

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Home Online tools Create a mobile website Create a mobile website with this 7.26.9 tool. For your user-agent we do not serve the mobile theme by default. On browserng point in the website do visitors leave? Browser NG 7 operating system: What is problem with it? Ends up around K.

Also, CSS doesn’t load at all, that may be another bug.

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How to launch a website Languages and locales User Agent Strings Linkbuilding Advisor 72.6.9 weekly tips on website that can help you get more visitors and more links to your website. Meta Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. I still see only one explanation: Browser NG 6 operating system: Create and design your own awesome responsive websites. Number line script not window. We made it so easy, everybody can do it!


I’m using a Nokia Browserng, with a user agent of:. In other browsers works without errors. This JavaScript implementation contains window. Easy to use design tool to create seo friendly, responive and unique designs. Browserng and create websites Create a mobile website Why do I need a mobile website?

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Even the desktop images including all tag sponsorships, the offline,error pages, all the fancy wmd controls, about, and faq images only total K, and they’re never all present on one page anyway.

Symbian 6 primarily used on: I’m using a Nokia C5, with a user agent of: Honestly, that indicator sounds browerng it’s garbage perhaps counting uncompressed size and cache hits? Value undefined result of expression console.

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Are you sure the exception is thrown here? Shouldn’t the mobile site be smaller browserng account for people without unlimited data browsernh Maybe you should stop timer with console. Perhaps you’re including images or ads with that number? Am I loading the mobile page, or the normal page? Mobile page seems really large. PS Sorry for bad English. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I tried settign accept encoding to encoding to empty string in Firefox, and then tracking page size with Firebug.