And as the shopkeepers say, he comes as a prince, goes to an alley and changes to a pauper in rags and sporting his scrawny looks, start begging. Despite having merely seven per cent land mass of South Asia, it drains 90 per cent water of the region into the Bay of Bengal. Tomar Jonno Annie’s Song featuring Elita. Ai guiter [a tribute to John Denver]. Writes Faizul Khan Tanim If you love listening to music in an ambience where words bask in a pool of tunes and compositions make each song brew like a cup of rich, frothy, creamy and delightful coffee mocha, then, this album could be your treat. Among them the most notable is “Ke Bashi Bajay Re”. It was released in from G-Series.

boka manushta song

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She also has a niece named Ilene Syed. Tomar Jonno Annie’s Song. Prothomoto Ami Tomake Chai. Hoitoba Bhalobasha Perhaps Love featuring Elita. Shopner bahrain [a tribute to John Denver]. Whether its smooth vocals or insane heavy metal, this album promises that full on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The song portrays his search for inner peace, his ability to overcome all challenges and rise once again to face the world in all its glory.

Sumon borrowed these sounds and flavours from his musician friends and blended them in his album. One of the most popular numbers in the album, the song showcases several talented musicians, vocalists not to mention a mixture of style, class and approach.


boka manushta song

It was released in from G-Series. Music Elita Karim Ami chaini jibon, chai ni mrittyu, Cheyechi shudhu shob kichute shunnota.

boka manushta song

The country, except for small pockets, also happens to be an active deltaic region literally criss-crossed with rivers and canals which play a significant role in the livelihoods of millions of people. She sings it beautifully.

Boka manushta

Every musician has a style and a sound of his or her own. Aurora, his daughter New face on the block Nobonita Chowdhury is yet another upcoming artiste goka solo album of Lalon songs, arranged by Ayub Bachhu, will hit the market by Mmanushta this year from Gaanchil record label. Scan the particular and comment on the box below. Oniket Prantor by Artcell. Upon asking why he thought of featuring the eminent actress, Sumon simply said that manusuta has admired Shampa from childhood and had wanted to work with her in one of his productions.

Sumon of Aurthohin is now a slim and happy man, healthier than ever. Mukhta tuley amar dikey bkoa ektibar, tomar shathey gaichi ami tomar shei gaan. Tobuofeaturing Nabila, is a number which one could probably play for hours together and still not get tired of the sitar played on the Line 6 Variax along with Nabila’s soothing vocal work. Every song had a story to tell and it was obvious Artcell would be a big name in country’s music scenario.

Projonmo [Band Mixed Album].

Aurthohin – Boka Manushta | Doridro Music Portal

This struggle somg became crystal clear as Jalal’s flute work wove a path in between the song. Among them the most notable is “Ke Bashi Bajay Re”. Anila Naz Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi singer who started her musical career as a part of the band Kranti. It took me several days to love the whole album but a few blew me away instantly.


In fact, his three-year old daughter Aurora was featured in his Ghumparani Gaan, a bedtime story which every father can share with his daughter.

As soon as booka first verse comes: Sumon also passes a significant message to his daughter through Ghumparani gaan maanushta a beautiful reminiscence of the great classic Aye Khuku Aye. He sings about love, passion, depression, and the unanswered questions in his life not to mention the constant miseries that he has to face in his every day life and the ways to come out of them.

Tumi Vorecho Ai Mon.

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Phoolgoolo Shob Gelo Kothai. And as the shopkeepers say, he comes as a prince, goes to an alley and changes to a pauper in rags and sporting his scrawny manushtq, start begging.

Tumi vhorecho ai mon [a tribute to John Denver].