Gloriya also one of my favorite singers. I have voted in: Should we rename the contest to 80s and 90s vision? You mean that you want to reveal the winner and who will go on WorldVision , or? D it’s a nice song. Send me a message by PM ranking the songs like this:

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Thanks for everyones vote Without you this couldnt have been possible.

Votes confirmed by now: I’ll try to vote. So hope everyone have the time to vote on this quick Nat Final.

I have got votes from: Galena-S koe pravo one spru the best ballads of !! A tie with 55 points looks intense, hope more people vote on you final to have a more clear winner! Haha, that’s sprj – just thought I’d let you know in case bogomil spri didn’t realise there was a Scottish flag icon.

My top pointer wasn’t it? OMG, really love my top 2, it’s hard to choose which one is better.

Video Bogomil Bonev

D that was my top pointer too: OMG, I love botomil song! Also it will be my last show as:: We are beginning to have a lead now, but the 2nd place is just behind 1 point from this song. The deadline is short as i cant be able to be on a computer everyday because im out of my city bogimil bogomil spri. I like a lot of artists and songs and generally music of:: Bulgarian entries will be quite different to the ones sent at FSC.


New Generation Arts | Bogomil – Spri

Thank you Daniels for voting. And the 3rd place was a surprising entry. WV6 will be my last NF selection as:: The differance between the songs is only 3 points!!!

And enjoy the song!!!!!! I will post the results right now.

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I had my inbox full, im so sorry if anyone send their votes and i couldnt recieve em. Just one day to go before the deadline!!!!!!!

bogomil spri Don’t underestimate the songs that are lower, because there’s a song from my NF that after the firs voters, it was last and had very few points, and I said “OMG, why nobody likes xxx? It was a really exciting edition.

I had to send it earlier because im at the countryside and here the internet connection is awful and bogomil spri since its christmans everything will be closed. Andrea- Ne mi izluzhish a suggestion from some time ago!


I hope to see similar songs in the future in your NFs. blgomil

Избор на редактора

Ive had a very busy weekend, thats why i still havent vote on bogomil spri nat final or make more promotion to my NF. Lets see how it does, hope is not again bottom 5. Currently there are 3 songs on first bogmoil, i agree with everyone that is hard to choose the 2 best songs. Raina-Kakvo ti mislia http: I was going to send this in WLSC: I agree, it was an unexpected winner, it took the lead almost at the end, i had another favorite as well.