If halted while reading from System. Some extensions may no longer work in BlueJ 4. Various small scope highlighting issues Fixed: More Samsung Kies 3 3. Compile and code completion problems with code that extends Swing classes Fixed:

bluej version 3.1.1

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Compiler hangs when calling non-existing method from some classes Fixed: Debugger is not stopping on some Breakpoints Fixed: Debugger window could hang the system. Added keyboard shortcuts to increase and decrease font size in the editor and terminal.

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Array variables declared in codepad don’t work if array declarators 31.1 variable name Fixed: Fixes for a few Mac bugs and the Portuguese language. Encoding issues with output to System. The Save As function has been implemented. It is characterized by its speed and many innovative features.

bluej version 3.1.1

Resizing result inspector doesn’t resize result field display Fixed: Improved method call recording in the terminal. Class icons overlap when project is checked out without project files Fixed: Protected methods of other classes can show up in code completion even if they can’t be called Fixed: Improved matching bracket highlight Double-click on vversion.


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Bug fixes and improvements: Users are encouraged to migrate to using Git instead. Terminal to turn white and not redraw correctly.

bluej version 3.1.1

Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. Audio chipsets verzion Realtek are used in motherboards from many different manufacturers. Codepad not casting some values correctly Fixed: Codepad and method invocation fail for Java ME with “cannot find symbol – class Map” Subversion support now allows access to repositories via the “https: Leaving type argument blank for constructor calls doesn’t work.

bluej version 3.1.1

Portuguese language selection not working Fixed: Includes breakpoints, single stepping, variable inspection Execution implementation changed to use JDI – promises significant improvements in stability and reliability Applets supported development and viewing in applet viewer and browser Dependency analysis fixed – works correctly now Many editor improvements Help button for compiler error messages and exceptions Array inspection implemented Exception handling reporting improved.

Download video vereion YouTube to your computer hard drive with one mouse click. Rare incremental parsing problem Fixed: Fixed problems in handling SVN projects. Many other minor fixes.

Added editor navigation view Editor: In the absence of any major issues, it will be the last version of BlueJ which will work with Java 6. Scope highlighting for various cases Improved detection of sudo permissions Added Raspberry Pi configuration tab Fixed: Close terminal window with its project clear input buffer at execution start Multiple dialogs when deleting package BlueJ opens file twice click in selectino in editor does not unselect Javadoc for the Java API doesn’t work Unicode character not supported in java source code BlueJ fails to launch browser ESC should close dialogs extra javascript in javadoc interface view Main thread never terminates if another thread tries to j Scope highlighting broken when inserting inner classes Fixed: See the License for the terms under which the source is distributed.


Teamwork status window stays open after project is closed.