BlogStomp also lets you add your own logo to the final photos either on tabs or on the image itself. Stomp Software says they will be adding more sites to the list soon. Use this app as a part of your regular workflow and cut the time that you spend at the computer. In the settings, you can change the layout size, border, margin, and select the template you want to use. It cuts the blogging process by more than half the time, especially if you are creating a rather photo-heavy post or gallery. Double-click to switch out photos in the layout. LiveJournal On the mobile post settings page on LiveJournal, set an allowed sender address and an authentication method details on how to do this here.

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Using BlogStomp as part blogxtomp your workflow can help reduce the time that you are spending at the computer by processing your photos for your blog, galleries, storage devices, and blogstomp media in one fell swoop.

Here you can preview, modify, blogstomp, add text, and choose the best layout to suit your needs.

The photos that I use for social media are processed in BlogStomp. Quick Links Downloads Store Support.

Review of BlogStomp Software for Photographers

You can create many different collages with the features inside BlogStomp. I have also used it for creating inspiration boards blogstomp future sessions.

BlogStomp is a simple blogging software that allows you to drag and drop the files you wish to use to create photographs the exact size that you want. The good news is though, all BlogStomp needs is that secret email address. Posting to Twitter with BlogStomp. blogstomp


But thanks to BlogStomp and the Stomp Blkgstompblogging has never been easier and faster without compromising on image quality or style.

It cuts the blogging process by more than half the time, especially if you blogstomp creating a rather photo-heavy post or gallery. Create marketing material in minutes with the collage layouts for blogstomo print and online. This is r eally helpful when dealing with huge files that you want to keep all on blogstomp same USB, or similar storage blogstomp.

However, it can be quite a time-consuming task having to process the photos for each post in Photoshop or any other editing application.


Blogging can be a daunting task with hours of photo processing. The email address you set up is the one to enter into blogstomp secret email address field in BlogStomp. In Output, you have the option of giving the files a specific name and choosing where you want the Stomped folder to be blogstomp.

Use BlogStomp to also post directly to Facebook or Twitter. You can also double-click and switch the photos.

Store | StompSoftware

Simply set up your blog details and begin writing. You can make collages, or batch process many photos for a gallery, blogstomp media, or other storage devices. In the Freestyle blogstomp, you also have the option of sizing the photographs for Instagram or Facebook covers above.

Each user can be given a unique email address to which to post to uniquely identify them and the blog they want to post to when sending an email. Test the app for yourself before you make the decision to buy. I think it goes without saying that editing a wedding or image-heavy blog post in Photoshop or the blogstomp can take hours.


There are two options: Choose from these blog sites. BlogStomp also lets you add your own logo to the blogstomp photos either on tabs or on the image itself.

Create a Facebook cover in Blogstomp | StompSoftware

Blogstomp is g reat blogshomp learning to use the app and seeing first-hand whether this is an app that could work for your workflow. You can also choose the output settings where you can customize the blogstomp names, set where you want your Stomped folder to be located on your computer, and configure how much sharpening you want for the final images.

In this same tab is where you would add your logo. The app will also let you know if your image is not the right size originally for the final output size. Each feature is easy to navigate without any extra hoops or steps. On the right, you can see the various layout options as well as make your own custom layout.

Which is helpful blogstomp this can mean the difference between publishing a pixelated image or a high-quality blogstomp.