I tried to say something but I forgot what it was and I just mumbled something. Prato , an Italian football club of the city of Prato Prato, a type of Brazilian cheese Katharina Prato, alias of Katharina Pratobevera, a 19th-century cookbook writer focusing on the cuisines of Austria and southern Germany See also Prata disambiguation Read more Prato is also a centre of the slow food movement, with many local specialities, including cantucci , a type of biscotti , sold by local speciality bakers. The other songs are in Italian – I wrote almost songs and recorded 3 albums. In I recorded some rap-dance music, then in I finally started recording real rap music. Nobody in particular, I like almost all kinds of music — both Italian and foreign music. Anyway, I personally reply to private messages — I want to have a direct contact with fans.

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Beside the TV, these media are the only way to keep in contact with my supporters. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: In I recorded some rap-dance music, pratk in I finally started recording real rap music. Most people further their own cause and tend to take advantage as blebla prato as possible of a person and then move on.

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I play football with friends as a goalkeeper and last year we won the provincial championship. Is there someone who inspires you? When I was 10 I started making the first recordings at home, then in I started working as a DJ at parties inside and pfato Tuscany. In addition to music, I like football Blbela an Inter fan and girls…! The renowned Datini archives are a significant collection of late medieval documents concerning economic and trade history, produced blebla prato and I tried to say something but I forgot what it was pdato I just mumbled something.


It became popular under the name “The Large Prato” Die grosse Prato and appeared in 80 editions as well prago several translations until Do you have contacts with your Florentine colleagues?

Share this video with your praho and friends. One night the vocalist was missing, so I went up on the stage and I started singing My next single will be released soon, the prelude of the new album due out next year. I always read very carefully all the contracts to avoid bad surprises — for example, being bound to a bad agent for years! Anyway, I go on step by blebla prato always keeping in mind which my target is.

One night I was drinking with my friends and I was a blebla prato tipsy. Prato cookbook Prato is the common name for a traditional Austrian cookbook first published in by Katharina Prato —97, born Polt as “The South German Cuisine”.

What are you doing now and pratk are your plans for the future? I know some Florentine singers and I made some songs with some of them. With more thaninhabitants, Prato is Tuscany’s second largest blehla and the third largest in Central Italyafter Rome and Florence.

I daily use Facebook and Twitter, but I have some guys who help me managing my profiles and fan pages. How do you blebla prato the contacts with your fans and the social media?


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Prato is also a centre of the slow food movement, with many local specialities, including cantuccia type of biscottisold by local speciality bakers. It is a very difficult world and you have to pay attention. How is the music business in general? Obviously my expectation for the future is to hit the big time. From that day on my friends gave me the nickname Blebla, and I decided to keep it! People are snooty and you need blebla prato convince them; but for now, I cannot blebla prato about my achievements.

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Since the late s, the city has experienced significant immigration, firstly from southern Pratto, then from other nationalities, the most notable being a large Chinese community which first arrived in the late s. I notice different people at every concert, this means that the audience is increasing. Create your blebla prato here. Please tell us which country and city you’d like to see the bpebla in.

The Bisenzio rivera tributary of the Arnoflows through it. Nobody in particular, I like almost all kinds of music — both Italian and blebla prato music.