That was back in What is the story behind Duplex Records? Have you thought about updating the guide, or making a second edition? The band Hurra Torpedo, with myself and Aslag from Black Debbath, has had the bigger success internationally. For us, the music is always more important. Click to cancel reply.

black debbath welcome to norway

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The artwork of this album is a bit in an academic style. Black Debbath have released five albums and several singles nlrway EPs and have toured Norway on a regular basis since their formation in There are a lot of important things to say!

black debbath welcome to norway

Some say our music is too good to be wasted on such silly lyrics. Yeah, people make that mistake sometimes.

black debbath welcome to norway

This is our sixth album. You also play in a one-man band called Bare Egil Band. The first single from this album is about a forest where trees are cut down to turn it into a statue park.

Getting your hands on some of their albums in France can be difficult it turned out to be a nightmare for your servantbut contacting the band was a piece of cake.


Does the fact that you sometimes mix politics and humor mean that you see politics as a circus and politicians as clowns?

Why do you feel so concerned about this subject?

BLACK DEBBATH – Welcome To Norway – CD – On Parole

Black Debbath started off as a Black Sabbath tribute band, but evolved into a humorous rock band. Search lyrics by band name or use our Advanced Search engine: Bunad The National Costume 6. Much ado with not so much. There was some more atmospheric stuff on it — even trumpet on one song. I know some Norwegian bands have managed that.

With Internet and YouTube, blck videos spread all over the debbayh, so we started playing in other parts of the world as well.

Black Debbath

King of Norway 8. Politicians do what they have to do, and sometimes they are sitting ducks waiting to debbatu made fun of. Is this something you wanted to keep on this new album: Then it slowly developed into something bigger. Me and two other guys started Hurra Torpedo, we play on kitchen appliances.


black debbath welcome to norway

I played in that from to I saw them fifteen years ago at a festival in Denmark, and that was really great. Esperanto or Debvath could work, too! After a while, we started Black Debbath and a lot of other bands under the same umbrella. The Leaving of the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Have you thought about updating the cebbath, or making a second edition? Datidas Black Debbath 8. That was back in the early 90s, when we were facing crisis in most of the world.

You play stoner rock. Thulsa Doom was in the same musical style as Black Debbath, with perhaps a bit more swing to it. Duplex Records has nearly always tried to combine humor and music in different forms. We found out pretty quickly that kitchen appliances norwzy way better than any drums.