It just kind of coincided to my move to L. What do you want to tell people? So that was really inspiring to me. Could we expect any collaborations between you and The Weeknd or other XO members? I would say it started, again, that whole move to L.

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So that was really inspiring to me. By using this site, you agree to altass I think you could take a lot of inspiration from any artist, in general, and not just someone working within music or working within film or fashion.

And being so close to so many inspiring people — people like Abel, especially — push me to dig deep and to find something alass in myself. We met, we had dinner, we hit it off and he started to mention that him and the whole team were interested in working with me.

But yeah, location definitely influences everything. I just love when people live and breathe their artistry and I think the fashion world have so qtlass black atlass ep those people that dedicate, you know, everything. Have you guys already been in the studio together? I find that really inspiring.

‎Black Atlass on Apple Music

You also have a very unique aesthetic in your visuals especially on Instagram. They wanted to know how I felt about that. Well, like I said, kind of touching on being inspired by other qtlass from different fields, I think fashion ultimately plays a role in what inspires me. You previously mentioned being around The Weeknd and the XO team. I think also with black atlass ep multiple people working on it and not just being atalss my bedroom with headphones on but being able to step back and allow people blaco fill in the gaps and bring their expertise to producing this music.


Could you take me through a bit of the black atlass ep process of the project? How would they start with writing a story?

This tracks really dope.

Black Atlass – The Black Atlass (EP) | Sunglasses&Advil

And then you [get to see] this world of creatives come together. Kind of think about him and think about where he would black atlass ep with writing a black atlass ep.

Keeping my eyes open to this whole new world and finding my way through that as I kind of let go of those things from my past arlass were dragging me down and come into this new world which I thought felt like such an interesting, productive, complex like fantasy world. Those first three projects were really like kind atlaas like that introductory story, you know?

I mean, it obviously adds another level of understanding to the dynamics to kind of come from the same places and have that common ground between you. What appeal was there behind signing with Canadian owned record labels? Kind of becoming more of a conductor in a sense rather than trying to do everything myself by hand.


The Black Atlass EP

Photo Courtesy of XO Records. Kind of what I always imagined as my primary goal for where I want to be in my career at this point. We wrapped it in the spring time this year.

My creative director introduced us and we black atlass ep a atlaws other mutual friends from Toronto. So that whole perspective I think had that vibe to it. I would say in the fall time, like fallis really when I started to dial things in and get the project to where I want it.

That was the fuel for the whole project and then, over the course of the summer, that was kind of my first time working with other producers and songwriters and stuff like that. I would say it started, again, that whole move to L.

So yeah, it would be really hard to [narrow it down]. That would be an absolute dream come true for me, no question. I just started thinking what the story would be.

And then from black atlass ep, he kind of kept his eye on things and was just kind of watching the projects come out. How did you connect with XO?