Putting women on the forefront in lead-roles and with strong character, niuworldorder is hinting on a future in which socially constructed roles and stereotypes might be altered. Tommy Montanas Remix Playlist. But this entire observation of what Tommy is about, comes from a sheerly psychological perspective, that you learn while deejaying. I hope you will, too! But that is out-of-the-way now, and we as a label, are finally running into our old form, after having eliminated and cut off the shackles of the corporate technocracy, So yeah, we are indy and that is the best state.

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Mattafix – Big City Life (LEEX Remix)

Reece is a brilliant young man, hailing from London, UK, who has hit me up with tons of material about a year ago. His Funk bag of goodies. Coming from a release-wise electronic oriented background he literally likes it all, but his roots, if ever asked, will always be what he packed into this playlist.

We Door llfe in our Advent Calendar! Much can be said about Tommy and pretty much everything of it is positive and most of it is right.

Making the world brighter, one piece at a time. Must be my subconscious at work. But nonetheless, we tried to capture that rough and rugged feel, that you could feel all over town and in every gritty dirty little sidestreet and corner you saw. We are happy to be joining him along his big city life leex remix journey — under his brand new artist project Tiny Dolphin in — and here is a good idea where this will go, and also a glimpse of our youtube channels new design ; where we will feature every released track and every real Video and Lyric Video, and sometimes just little messages from our artists.


Here he is with his very own productions. Enjoy Sideways Vol 1. AND in case you missed it. Could and have listened to this many many times now.

#BigCityLife | ♪ ♫Mattafix – Big City Life (LEEX Remix)♪ ♫ | __AleXia__ | Flickr

Follow him on Soundcloud and Facebook. It just came out and still has room and time to grow and shine. When playing music he added his own touch and showed his love and appreciation for what he liked. And exactly 14 years since i started the whole thing. I think i actually deejayed only once with Tommy before i hit the brakes with the wheels. Tommy is that guy and his own mixes speak for himself, and even when producing music, said quality comes shining right through.

Gonna pump these tracks now. Another phenomenal yet simple groovy beat break rendering they are offering here. I big city life leex remix this guy, during a turbulent time in my history when my then-company was doing another IT based test project instead of focussing on a set, defined goal.


We wanna celebrate with you that xmas is almost here and so we are offering you a daily special gift, known only in Germany as an Adventscalendar. The technocracy is falling anyways.

Mattafix – Big City Life (LEEX Remix) | Chrome Music

Tommy Montanas Remix Playlist. Go and download it! Top Tunes on Spotify — bit. Ctiy a good advice would be to concentrate one unique sound per Soundcloud account. Remixing or rather re-imagining this tune proved to be tougher than originally anticipated. Even the songs he picked for remixing, reimagining are picked tastefully.

A glimpse of a young songwriter: Dig into Mats superb originals and our remixes from altogether that Tommy blended into a big city life leex remix sweet Mixtape old school style. So here we are ; Crafted ciyt flextape, this is just a solid selection of the latest released tunes, many moods, NPC feels for leec sonic entertainment and soundtrack to life.

I liked all of it, and that is super-rare in my world. Door 8, Introducing the best kept secret: